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Long Island, Andaman & Nicobar Islands Overview

Long Island is a small island in Andaman mostly recognized for village tourism. It is famous for its untouched white sand beaches, dense natural vegetation that forms the tropical forests and its marine life. The untouched scenery and exquisite beauty of Long Island attract tourists with an eye for beauty and a sense of adventure. It is also one of the islands famous for water sports and ocean cruises. Like most islands in the archipelago, this one is also famous for its views, especially during the sunset and the sunrise.

Long Island belongs to the East Baratang Group of Islands and is also considered a part of Rangat Taluk. The island expands over a small area of 18 square kilometres. Flora and fauna of this tiny island is quite a treat to the eyes. The forests are a mix of evergreen and tidal swamp forests. The hilly regions are covered with dense forests and have caves hidden behind the thick vegetation. Long Island in Andaman, thus, is not just a paradise for nature lovers, but it is also a perfect exotic escape for backpackers and off-beat travellers.

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The town of Long Island

Long Island is home to about 2000 locals who live in three villages – the Long Village, the Middle Village and the Lalaji Bay Village A four-feet wide footpath made of concrete runs in the midst of dense forests to connect different parts of the island. They have their own Government School, a jetty, a Police Station, a hospital, a temple and an office for the Range Forest. The school provides education till Senior Secondary level which is not seen often in several other villages. There is also a Power House, a Bank with facilities for wireless banking and a fully equipped Boat Building Yard.

Activities at Long Island

The most visited locations on Long Island in Andaman are the beaches, Lalaji Bay Beach and Merk Bay Beach. They are some of the most pristine seashores in the region. The shoreline is also perfect for water sports like swimming, fishing, snorkelling, and scuba diving. The marine ecosystem is vast and includes fishes, corals, tortoise and for sighting dolphins. Visitors can cruise in through the narrow strait that separates Porlab Island and North Passage Island from Long Island. The short boat rides can be a surprising and enjoyable experience in the water. Travellers can also visit the Boat Building Yard on the island and check out some locally made boats. The island is also famous for forest camping, beach camping, nature walks, trekking and exploring the villages through the densely covered hilly terrain.  

Stay at Long Island


If travellers wish to stay for a few days at Long Island, they can opt for makeshift tents at a safe location on the island or head to the Government run lodge or a private hotel named Blue Planet. This is the only private hotel on Long Island. The Government Lodge and Blue Planet Hotel provides only basic facilities. So, whether one is camping or not, carrying all the essentials is much recommended. Travellers who want a 5-star hotel with luxury facilities must skip staying over the Long Island but those who desire to get an offbeat experience would definitely find Long Island a good place in Andaman.

Best Time to Visit

Long Island in Andaman can be visited during the winter season and the summer season. Travellers who cannot tolerate higher temperature may skip the summer season which begins in March and lasts till the month of April. The mercury levels can reach 36°C while the minimum hovers around 28°C. Most people visit for snorkelling as the water levels recede enough for the activity and to camp out in the wild. Monsoons can become quite a mess in this tropical paradise and due to the unpredictability of the season, the water is also unsafe.

How To Reach Long Island, Andaman

The only way to reach Long Island is to first reach Port Blair in Andaman. Most ports on the east coast of India have ports connecting Port Blair with the mainland. All the major Indian airports have flights connecting Port Blair. Once travellers reach Port Blair, they can head to the Phoenix Bay Jetty by public transport. From the Veer Savarkar International Airport, the jetty is about 2.5 kilometres away by road and can be reached via VIP Road and MG Road.

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