Jodhpur to Amritsar

   Jodhpur to Amritsar Road Distance 767 km
   Jodhpur to Amritsar Aerial Distance 626 km
  Jodhpur to Amritsar Travel Time 13 hours 5 mins

How to reach Amritsar from Jodhpur

Golden Temple, Amritsar

28 Kms away from the border of Pakistan lies the city of Amritsar in Punjab. Amritsar is home to the holiest Sikh gurudwara, The Golden Temple. Amritsar is situated about 780 Kms north of Jodhpur. The drive between the two cities is extremely long and hectic. We suggest you take an overnight train between these cities as you will be able to rest as well.

Knowing The Details

1. Jodhpur to Amritsar by Road
2. Jodhpur to Amritsar by Bus
3. Jodhpur to Amritsar by Train
4. Popular Routes to Amritsar
5. Popular Routes from Jodhpur
6. Places to Visit in Amritsar
7. Hotels in Amritsar

1. Jodhpur to Amritsar by Road

Road Travel

The journey to Amritsar from Jodhpur is mostly through national highways, hence the quality of roads is satisfactory. The drive is quite smooth with plenty of eating options along the way. 

Approximate Travel Time: 13 Hours 30 Minutes
Approximate Taxi Fare: INR 7000
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Route 1: Via NH 54

Route 2: via Hanumangarh - Sardarshahar Rd and NH54

2. Jodhpur to Amritsar by Bus

Bus Travel
The bus journey takes almost one day from Jodhpur to Amritsar as there are no direct buses. You will have to change a bus at Delhi for Amritsar. The journey is extremely long and gets quite tiring by the end. We suggest you take an overnight bus if available and book only the government agency buses for surety and safety. 

Part 1: Route Operator - Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation

  • Starting Point: Jodhpur
  • Terminating Point: Delhi
  • Travel time: 13 Hours 10 Minutes
  • Distance: 561 Kms
  • Frequency: Every 2 hours
  • Ticket cost: INR 700

Part 2: Route Operator - Punjab Roadways 

  • Starting Point: Delhi
  • Terminating Point: Amritsar
  • Travel time: 8 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Distance: 457 Kms
  • Frequency: Every 1 hour
  • Ticket cost: INR 600

3. Jodhpur to Amritsar by Train

Train Travel
The train journey also takes quite long to reach Amritsar however it is not heavy on your pocket at all. This is the most pocket friendly option to travel between the two cities and is quicker than taking the bus. We suggest you book your train tickets well in advance as they sell out rapidly. 

Part 1: Starting Point - Jodhpur Junction

  • Terminating Point: Jalandhar City 
  • Travel time: 16 Hours 20 minutes
  • Distance : 805 Kms
  • Frequency: Once a day
  • Ticket cost: INR 400

Part 2: Starting Point - Jalandhar City

  • Terminating Point: Amritsar Junction
  • Travel time: 1 Hour 20 minutes
  • Distance : 80 Kms
  • Frequency: Hourly
  • Ticket cost: INR 100

Tip: All bus tickets are available at bus booking counters and train tickets at railway stations. Make sure you book your tickets through a certified booking agent. For flight bookings , plan your trip well in advance to get preferred timings and prices.

Popular Routes to Amritsar

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Chandigarh to Amritsar 4 hours 7 mins 229 km
Delhi to Amritsar 6 hours 57 mins 451 km
Bangalore to Amritsar 1 day 14 hours 2,587 km
Ahmedabad to Amritsar 19 hours 43 mins 1,186 km
Manali to Amritsar 9 hours 5 mins 399 km
Mumbai to Amritsar 1 day 3 hours 1,727 km

Popular Routes from Jodhpur

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Jodhpur to Udaipur 4 hours 29 mins 259 km
Jodhpur to Jaisalmer 4 hours 56 mins 286 km
Jodhpur to Delhi 9 hours 40 mins 605 km
Jodhpur to Jaipur 5 hours 19 mins 335 km
Jodhpur to Mount Abu 4 hours 18 mins 270 km
Jodhpur to Agra 9 hours 17 mins 574 km

Top Hotels In Amritsar