How to Reach Along

Along is a small town so there is no airport or railway station there. The only way to reach is via road. Local buses from nearby cities are easily available.

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How to reach Along by flight

Aalo airport is nearly 2.5 km from the main town though connectivity isn't very good. The other close airport is located in the town of Lilabari which is connected to Along by bus. This airport, in Assam, caters mainly to the North Eastern area.

Nearest Airport: DIBRUGARH - 78 kms from Along

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How to reach Along by road

Bus connectivity to Along from all major nearby cities is good. Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Service are easily available to Along. Going by your own vehicle or taxi is a good idea too.

How to reach Along by train

Silapathar is the closest railway station though it is quite a minor one. Only the Arunachal Express stops here. From Silapathar a taxi can be hired till Along.

Local transport in Along

The local bus is an easy option. Covering the town by foot is also possible. Things will be easier if one has their own vehicle.

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