Another Weekend Getaway - Nainital

Sometime in March last year, when the winters were just giving way to summer, we wanted a break from our busy corporate and city life. We decided ( after prelim research ) to drive to Nainital. We hired a Tata Indica ( cheapest option  – we were on a shoe string budget ) and left Delhi early on a Saturday morning. We were all sleepy and we properly woke up only when we reached the foothills of Kumaon. Kumaon is the district where Nainital is situated in. Though we did stop for breakfast at the famous Bikanerwala. The route, without doubt, was beautiful and scenic. As we started ascending, the wind and air got quite chilly. All of us ( the same group that had traveled to Jaisalmer also ) were quite excited ! A break from monotony.


We hadn’t done bookings as we knew it was off season and would get a better deal talking directly. We checked out a couple of good looking resorts on the main mall road and after haggling for prices, settled for one ‘Evelyn’ hotel. We got the best suite B-) obviously this had the best view too. 

We went out for lunch to a hotel named ‘Chandani Chowk’ and then we went pedal boating which was really memorable. Don’t forget to sprinkle a little of that chilled water on your friends :) 


We then went to the Naina Devi temple – it had a very pagoda-ish feeling. The temple was right beside the lake.




On the way back to the hotel, we had some Maggi ( eating Maggi has turned out to be a mandatory ritual every time we go traveling ) The feel of eating hot Maggi is awesome!



The evening saw us strolling on Mall road and buying small souvenirs and other small trinkets. I must mention a shop that specialises in making candles. You get all sort of candles there.


And then obviously we did our photography experiments too :P ( Naini lake at night )

The next morning, we went to the cable car. I had gone on one in Haridwar. But to be surrounded by hills is just another experience. 



Sitting near the top most point will fill your heart with content ! 

Nainital takes about 5 hours from Delhi, if you’re a group of around 3-5 people, it makes sense to take a car as the drive is just as beautiful. There are several lodges and hotels that would fit anyone’s budget. Do take a walk on the side road near the lake, and try making your way to sit by the lake, it is a strangely calm feeling. Reach out to @shrutidshah on twitter in case you want help to plan a trip :) 

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