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Perched at an altitude of 2084 metres (6,837 ft), Nainital is the most favourite holiday destination, especially among the North Indians. The hill town boasts of pristine lakes and green hills. And in the winters, the hill town looks especially gorgeous with all the snow sprinkled over. Covered in pearly white snow, the mountain peaks look extra enchanting and surreal. Sometimes the lake also freezes up adding up to the experience. Other than that, tourists especially enjoy playing with cottony snow and making snowmen near the beautiful Naini Lake. Visiting Nainital during the snowfall season is a thrilling experience. Have a look at all the details given below.

Best Time to Experience Snowfall in Nainital

December to January are the best months to witness peak snowfall in Nainital


The temperature varies between 1.1 to 12-degree celsius. Other than that, the town experiences a pleasant climate for most months of the year. Nainital is a subtropical highland and receives snowfall at an interval of two to three years. But due to climate change, it is estimated that Nainital and the other neighbouring regions might receive snowfall four to five times this year. During the coldest time span, that is from late December to January, one can observe snowflakes. Whereas in February and March, the town is hit by heavy rainfall and hailstorms.

Things to Do During Snowfall in Nainital

1. Enjoy a Cable Car Ride to the Snow View Point

Snow View Point

Snow View Point is a very popular attraction in Nainital even during the summer months. It offers gorgeous views of the valley. What’s more? You can enjoy a thrilling cable car ride to get here. And when winters, the spot gets even more exhilarating with all the snow-covered roads and snow-topped trees. This cable car ride starts from the foothills of Nainital also known as Mallital and goes up to the Snow View Point, which is at an altitude of around 2,270 metres above the sea level. From here you can also view the icy peaks of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot and Trishul. During 2.5 min (one way) of the cable car ride, you can enjoy pearly white views outside the window. 


2. Get Cozy in a Himalayan Cottage

Like already said, Nainital is the comfort holiday destination among tourists, especially in North India. Not indulging in any activity and still pacifying your desire to feel the sense of oneness with nature is the purpose of many resorts and staycation lodges in Nainital. Other than that, if you a winter person, there is nothing better than to cosy up in a blanket in front of the firewood and watch the dreamy snowflakes fall outside the window. Maybe you can also head out for a bit and have the first-hand experience. There are several resorts, hotels, homestays and Airbnb that can help you have an enjoyable experience. Not indulging in any activity and still pacifying your desire to feel the sense of oneness with nature is the purpose of many resorts and staycation lodges in Nainital. You can just sit in your cosy room and observe the snowfall from the window is still an experience worth cherishing.

1. The Hive Cottage

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2. Villa Bliss Lakeside

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3. Go Shopping on the Mall Road

Mall Road

The Mall Road is the best shopping place in Nainital and what is better than to shop for more woollens with snowflakes being showered from above. It is a big add on if you are good at bargaining. You can then haggle for prices and get really good deals. The Mall Road and nearby Tibetan markets sell all sorts of stuff from woollens to apparel, bags, footwear, quirky souvenirs and more. From exquisite jewellery pieces to beautiful wall hangings and hand-made artefacts, you can buy anything for you and your family and friends from these vibrant markets.

4. Soak in Solace at the Naini Lake

Naini Lake

Naini Lake is the highlight of the hill town. And it looks ethereal and even better during snowfall. The trees get tipped in snow and there is a fine icy layer formed in the lake as well. At this time, a boat ride won’t be possible most probably. But you can definitely chill near the lake and play in the snow. Make some snowmen and throw some snowballs around. We promise it will be an experience worth remembering. You can enjoy playing with snowballs by its side as you admire the clear mirror it transforms into, reflecting the bountiful slopes of the Himalayas.  Naini Lake gets its name from its shape that is an eye. 

5. Celebrate the Nainital Winter Carnival

Nainital Winter Carnival

The Nainital Winter Carnival is a three-day-long jamboree organised in the month of December. The festival has several cultural performances, dances, singing, marches and parades. It is visited by hundreds of locals and tourists alike. You can also choose to participate in any of the several activities that are organized here. This carnival is all about exploring and becoming a part of the cultural legacy of the place. From musicians producing quaint folk tunes to dancers performing the traditional dances to a buffet of incredibly delish local bites, this carnival is a remarkable effort at preserving and sharing the culture of the valley with the outside world. The nature lovers can relish over the bird watching activity beautified by the Himalayan peaks in the backdrop. <

6. Hiking to Naini Peak and Tiffin Top

Tiffin Top is a very famous tourist attraction in Nainital, also popularly called as Dorothy's Seat. A fantastic picnic spot in its own right, one gets a complete view of snow clad town of Nainital and its surrounding hills in the Kumaon region from this location. Adventure activities such as rappelling and rock climbing are conducted at Tiffin Top as well. 

Precautions to Take While in the Snow

Precautions to take while in snow
Mesmerising View of Nainital (Source)
While snowfall is truly a glorious thing to experience, snow can also be extremely treacherous, particularly on roads and during treks. There are a few things one must be wary of before going on a journey to a place known to have snowfall. For Nainital, the following protection measures can be taken: 

1. Frostbite is a common occurrence in places that experience snowfall. In order to avoid the same, one is advised to carry thick gloves, scarves, and hats, so as to minimize the amount of skin being exposed.

2. During snowfall, the Naini Lake tends to freeze if it gets extremely cold. However, it is dangerous to venture out into the ice since only the thin upper layer of water is frozen. 

3. As the temperature dips to a freezing low, it is recommended that you carry plenty of warm woollen clothes. The locals advise wearing multiple layers of clothing, thus pack your clothes accordingly. Do not forget to pack gloves, socks and caps as they are the must.

4. In case you decide to rent a car, it is wise to carry a shovel to remove snow from the road, and plenty of sand to ensure friction for the tyres in case the road is icy. 

5. Trekking /sports shoes are a must if one wants to trek up the hill or walk alongside the shores of the lake in the winter. 

6. Carry thermos so that you will also have some warm beverage or water to keep you warm from inside

7. Carry a first aid kit with essential medicines, a hot water bag and cough syrup considering the fact that you might not adapt to the temperature fluctuation immediately.

8. Do not forget to pack raincoats and umbrellas. When it is freezing cold, one can expect rainfall and hail storms any minute, hence it is better to keep yourself geared with such essentials.

So here’s an elaborate list of things to do and best experiences during snowfall in Nainital. Try one or more of them and let us know about your experience in the comments below.
Regardless of the time, one chooses to visit Nainital, there is a charm to experience. While in the winters it's snow-capped mountains surrounding a glassy lake, in the summer the town is a welcome getaway from the sweltering heat. Blessed by Naini Devi, this pleasant town is truly a boon personified. Guarded by the sloppy steeped mountains of Nanda Devi and other peaks and rejuvenated by Nainital Lake, Nainital is truly a slice of heaven and the magic that the snowfall brings to it, is too difficult to be put in words.

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