Paragliding in Nainital For Breathtaking Aerial Beauty

Paragliding is not a motorized ride as its launching and landing both depends on the flow of the wind. Due to this reason, Paragliding in Nainital is perfect since it has fantastic weather. Paragliding is an easy and fun form of light aviation where the paraglider can effortlessly navigate on windward slopes.

Why Go Paragliding in Nainital

Paragliding in Nainital
If tourists wish for a heart-racing experience in Uttarakhand, then they are already done with half the work, as here one can fly like and feel like a bird with paragliding in Nainital. Tourist’s flight will be accompanied by bright different coloured butterflies and some magnificent exotic birds which have the Kumaon peaks as their home. Paragliding is a leisure activity that can be done in any season except the monsoons as the showers in Nainital are quite heavy. However, flying here during the winters as the entire region is covered with snow makes one feel like they are floating on a white blanket above the ground.

Nainital offers a full and comprehensive array of options for their package here as they can make a selection of which fits in their preferred list best. Tourists can choose the duration between 3 to 9 minutes, but if they want to go on a long run, they can then decide to go for the attractive glide of 30 to 45 minutes. Gliders are greeted with the heavenly sights of varied biodiversity of Naukuchiatal and the many terraced farms.

Paragliding Spots in Nainital

1. Paragliding at Naukuchiatal, Nainital

Paragliding in Nainital
Naukuchiatal is at an elevation of 1220 meters; thereby, it has always been a rewarding place for paragliding in Nainital. The views it shows gliders from above is fantastic and has indeed made that a plus to the experience. Naukuchiatal in Nainital is unquestionably one of the gems of Uttarakhand, which makes it boast with the alluring lakes like Naini and Bhimtal, where tourists can witness and participate in this exciting adventure.

Right next to Naukuchiatal is the massive wilderness of Corbett National Park, so the best outdoor experience awaits tourists in Uttarakhand. Here tourists can experience the adrenaline pumping through their body while they enjoy the adventure of soaring through the air as they start embarking on an exciting paragliding ride at Naukuchiatal.

Fulfil ones desire of paragliding in Naukuchiatal by fly high above the clouds, over the mountains and satisfy your desires for flying. There will be a presence of an expert pilot along with the flight as they will add an extra amount of fun and thrill to the Naukuchiatal paragliding experience.

The activity lasts for anywhere between 10 minutes to 30 minutes, and the paraglider can go up to a speed of 20-27kmph.
Price: The packages start from INR 1500 and will increase based on the duration of each flight.
Location: Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand

2. Paragliding in Nainital

Paragliding Nainital
Here tourists can experience the thrill of flying high up in the air and the best way to get that experience is through tandem paragliding. Tourists can take the sky with their highly experienced instructors, and they may enjoy the breathtaking aerial view. Tourists do not need any experience or knowledge to paraglide, but they should have the desire to fly. All they need to do is follow their instructor’s simple guidance while takeoff and while they are landing. The instructor will guide them when needed, and for the most part, they will have an enjoyable experience of a lifetime.
Flights may vary depending on duration and the height of takeoff points. The Tandem Flight weight restrictions are 15 Kg to 85 Kg. The course offers complimentary transport from land to the client’s vehicle will be provided. The activity also provides High Fly and Long Fly free jeep safaris.
Three different packages are based on the duration:
Medium Flying: The flight duration will be 3 + minutes.
High Flying: The flight duration will be 15 + minutes.
Long Flying: the flight duration lasts 30+ minutes.
Price: the prices start from INR 1350 and vary with packages.
Location: 3 KM from Bhimtal Lake towards Nakunchiatal on Jungaliya Gaon Rd.

3. Paragliding at Spring Birds

Paragliding in Nainital
Tourists can unravel themselves at Hotel Spring Birds, Nainital and shake off the trials of city life by taking a much-needed break here. Experience one of the best peaceful times at Naukuchiatal, Nainital at Hotel Spring Birds. It is at the entrance of the Kumaun mountains, Naukuchiatal; Nainital has made itself into perhaps the most beautiful lake in Uttarakhand. It is an ideal location for a tourist to enjoy the captivating groups of rare butterflies and the beautiful colourful Himalayan birds. They can bask in the enthralling surroundings and be mesmerized by the varied biodiversity of Naukuchiatal, and the nearby areas have given it a perception of being heaven.
Tourists can also engross themselves in thrilling adventure games such as Paragliding, boating, kayaking, bird watching and horse riding.
Price: The prices start from INR 3500 and will increase depending on the selected duration of the flight.
Location: Near Hanuman Temple, Naukuchiatal, District-Nainital, Uttarakhand.

Tips to Follow while Paragliding in Nainital

• It is best to wear sturdy shoes and loose socks so that the pilots have normal blood circulation.
• Make sure tourists are carrying proper clothing which includes the right amount of woollens, thermals, and windproof jackets as it gets freezing.
• It is advised to wear track pants instead of jeans as it is not comfortable while paragliding and it makes running before taking off a lot easier.
• Sunglasses are a must as the sun’s ray’s fall directly at the glider and make sure to carry gloves as well to avoid frostbites.
• It is better to pack light, and travel light in case tourists plan to extend their stay and explore the nearby areas.
• The operator will make sure the weather condition is reasonable. Do not fly during bad weather condition.
• Tourists must listen to the instructor.
• If there is any health issue, it is advised to inform the instructor before the activity.
• Tourists must keep themselves hydrated.

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