10 Best Spots for Surfing in Philippines

The Philippines archipelago has over 7000 islands and the fifth longest coastline in the world - about 36,289 kms! This makes the Philippines one of the most sought after destinations in South East Asia for suring. The pristine shores, warm waters and favourable weather and wind conditions makes surfing accessible for beginners as well as for expert divers. Philippines also has a number of surf shops and surfing schools for inexperienced surfers

Best Surfing Spots in the Philippines

1. San Juan in La Union

surfing in Philippines

San Juan in La Union is surfing for both beginners and pros alike. You can reach San Juan or the official Municipality of San Juan through a 5-hour ride from the bustling, busy city of Manila. It is the first highly urbanized city around Metropolitan Manila. San Juan can be one of the best places to start surfing because it has one of the most affordable surfing schools in the city. The best time to visit this place is between the months of October to March. Aside from the surfing schools and activities along the coast of San Juan, there are various luxury and budget hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops.

Best Time for Surfing: October to March

2. Cebu City

surfing in Philippines

The City of Cebu is the oldest city in the country of the Philippines. The city is also called the ‘Queen City of the South’. Being the centre of Christianity, this city of Cebu owing to its beautiful beaches and serene weather has become a famous spot for tourists to visit. The best time to visit this place for surfing is from the months of December to the month of May. Some places in Cebu best for surfing and canyoneering are Bantayan Island, Toledo, Argao, Talisay

Best Time for Surfing: December to May

3. Cebu Northshore and San Fernando - San Narciso in Zambales

surfing in Philippines

The surfing spots at San Narciso, Zambales is the ideal place for beginners to start their first adventure at surfing. With such a sporting experience, it is also in proximity to the city of Metro Manila which makes it easily accessible. It will take you approximately 3 hours from Metro Manila to reach San Narciso. The best spots at this place to surf are San Antoni, San Felipe, Crystal Beach Resort, and Pundaquit Beach.

Best Time for Surfing: July to September

4. Calicoan Island in Eastern Samar

Calicoan Island remains the best, offbeat destination for people to go on a surfing adventure. It offers a serene, calm destination away from all the chaos and the crowd which only gets better with the exposed reefs you will witness at this place. Another striking feature of the place is its high and difficult tides. Because of this reason, this place mainly sees surfers with an intermediate or professional level of expertise. This also forms a major reason why this spot doesn't see a lot of crowds. The best time of the year to visit this destination is from the month of September to the end of October.

Best Time for Surfing: September to end of October

5. Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte

surf in Philippines

If you are looking for a serene, less crowded place for a getaway then Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte is the place to be! The best time to visit this place is from the month of July all through the month of September, during this time the waves are the strongest in the region making it a perfect time for the surfing adventure. The beaches are made of pristine white sand and the best budget hotels you can find nearby only add to the beauty and comfort of this place. The waves you can find here are suitable for people of all levels to go on surfing adventures which is just the cherry on the cake! All these reasons make the Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte the best-rated place to go on a surfing adventure.

Best Time for Surfing: July to September

6. Siargao in Surigao Del Norte

siargo, surf in Philippines

Siargao has a lot of different spots where you can go to get on the tides and surf, this place also is known for its thrilling strength of tides that appeals to both the intermediate level surfers and professional surfers. The high, strong tides of this place might not be suited for you if you are just getting started with the sport of surfing. The best time to visit the place is from the month of August to November. Due to its one of a kind location and the waves it has, this surfing has already held a spot for being the venue and hosting some of the best surfing competitions both nationally and internationally! So if you are suited to visit this place, you can’t afford to miss it.

Best Time for Surfing: August to November

7. Daet in Camarines Norte

daet, surfing in philippines

Bagasbas Beach in Daet, Camarines Norte is one of the best spots to go on a surfing adventure in Camarines Norte. It has a sandy beach with steady, strong waves most times of the year. These steady waves make this spot ideal for all beginner, intermediate, and professional level surfers to surf. The best time to visit this place for people of all levels of surfing is from the month of July to the month of January. Along with the most ideal, this is also one of the oldest places ever recorded in the history of the Philippines.

Best Time for Surfing: July to January

8. Real in Quezon

surfing in Philippines

Real in Quezon is a place you visit if you want to get away from the crowd and chaos of the city. Located in a calm setting, this place is full of tranquillity and filled with adventures. The best time to go on a surfing adventure in this place is from the month of October to the month of March. It doesn’t have a lot of crowd visiting and to make it even better, it has the tides suitable for all levels of surfers. Pacific Recreation Kamp is also known as The Park, is an unmissable place in the area.  So if you are looking for a quiet escape, this is the place to definitely visit!

Best Time for Surfing: November to March.

 9. Lanuza in Surigao del Sur

lanuza surf fest

The municipality of Lanuza is a province in Surigao del Sur, Philippines. This place has a tropical rainforest climate all year round which makes the place have extremely high rainfall especially from the month of December to the month of February. This can be worth remembering while planning your trip to the archipelago of the Philippines. Lanuza also serves as a noted surfing destination from various places like Reef Breaks to Beach Breaks. This place offers varied levels of waves ranging from small to several feet tall. That makes this place an ideal place for all levels of surfers. The season-best for surfing adventures falls from the month of November to March.

Best Time for Surfing: November to March

10. Baler in  Aurora

surfing in Philippines

Baler in Aurora serves as yet another surfing spot for all levels of surfers. It is also believed that Baler was the starting point for the surfing adventures in all of the Philippines. Another appealing fact for this place is its close proximity to the bustling city of Manila. Due to this, it is often a weekend getaway for people living or visiting in Manila. Some best spots to go on surfing adventures in this place are Charlie’s point, Sabang Beach, and Cemento beach. The best time to visit this place will be from the month of July to the month of December.

Best Time for Surfing: July to December.

Best Time for Surfing in the Philippines

surfing in Phlippines

The best time to surf in the archipelago of the Philippines is from the month of August all through the month of November. The winds at the coasts are the best for surfing during this time of the year and the coast also gets the most typhoon swells. So if you want to have a good surfing experience, this is the time to visit the Philippines. 

Tips for Surfing in Philippines

  • Don’t try to learn surfing all on your own for the first time. Consider getting yourself a good teacher who can train you through the process.
  • When it is the first time you are going surfing, you might not want to go into sea waters that have high tides that may run you into risks. For a first time experience, choose a beginner level, the low-risk spot that might be more friendly for practice and adventures.
  • Even when you are all ready and set to get into the water do not rush in. When surfing the first time, start small and do not get excited. Pace yourself and be alert about the waves that you ride on. Enjoy but be alert!
  • You can expect to fall a lot of times when you first get into the waters but don’t lose your mind and keep moving your leg and do not be too rigid. Last but not the least, enjoy the ride!

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FAQs on Philippines

What month is best to surf in Philippines?

August to November is the best time for surfing in Philippines due to the Typhoon swells and favourable wwind conditions.

Where is the surfing capital of the Philippines?

Siargao island is known as the Surfing Capital of Philippines and was the first surfing spot in the country. 

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