15 Souvenirs From Philippines - A Little Something For All

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Philippines is a complete holiday destination. The physical beauty, cultural heritage, and shopping experience all together help the tourists to enjoy a memorable trip. One of the best ways to get a slice of your holiday destination back with you home is to bring a souvenir that reminds you of it. Philippines is a fantastic shopping destination because it offers a wide range of reasonably priced products. Also, one can choose from a balanced mix of modern and traditional items while shopping. Besides, there is no dearth of shopping outlets in this island nation. From malls to local retail shops, you can pick up the goodies of your choice. 

Here is the list of souvenirs to buy from Philippines:

1. Filipino Pearls

Philippines Pearls
Surrounded by the sea on all sides, it is no surprise that the white and golden pearls are one of the most sought-after items in the Philippines. These jewels extracted from the sea's depths are one of the finest in the world. The South Sea pearls are high in quality and affordable in price. Besides, the pearl market in the Philippines is teeming with various pearl jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more. There is plenty of variety in color, shape, and size to shop for pearl jewelry that might look best on you or the person you plan to gift it to. Several celebrities too often prefer pearl jewelry from the Philippines!
Approximate Cost: The price depends on which piece of jewelry you buy. The cost may range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. For simple necklaces and earrings, the price may vary from 100-1500 PHP.
Where To Buy:
South of Manila in the province of Palawan there are pearl farms that produce and sell authentic golden and white pearls. Jewelmer is a renowned store that is located in different parts of the country, such as in SM Megamall. Other places to buy pearls from are Resorts World, Ayala Center Cebu, Alabang Town Center, Abreeza Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center in Manila and more. 

2. Dried Mango

Dried Mango
Not the most conventional souvenir, but the dried mangoes of the Philippines are truly irresistible and must be part of this list. These packaged delights are tangy and delicious for snacking at all times. A perfect gift for your loved ones who can also taste the fabulous flavors of the country. What’s more, it is a healthy, chewy snack and not too dry.
Approximate Cost: 50-70 pesos for a packet
Where To Buy -
Dried mango packets are available readily in supermarkets, grocery stores and local shops. 

3. Guitars

For music lovers, colorful guitars are a wonderful souvenir to bring back home. Filipinos enjoy their music and have a knack for playing the guitar well. And so there are many guitar manufacturing companies in the nation that sell different types of guitars. Besides, there are also handmade guitars and ukuleles that remind one of the lazy afternoons on beaches. You can buy electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and more. Also, one of the best-known brands is the Alegre guitar which is authentic and of good quality. There are other local instruments too, such as the kubing and kulitang. But the guitar is much easier to pack and carry compared to them all. Though you can shop for the guitar anywhere, Cebu is particularly famous. 
Approximate cost: The price of the guitar can range from 300 PHP to 30,000 PHP. 
Where To Buy: RJ Guitar Center (Manila), Guitar Pusher Superstore Cubao (Manila), Benjie’s Music Store (Manila), Lazer Music, Ali Mall (Manila), Ferangeli Guitar Handicrafter (Cebu), Alegre Guitars (Cebu), Susing’s Guitar (Cebu). 

4. Ube Halaya and Jam

Wouldn't you like to take the yummy purple-colored jam to add to all your desserts back home? Ube is a purple yam that is boiled, mashed, and used in various sweet dishes in the Philippines. Though there are different joints that sell the jam, the one handmade by the sisters of the Good Shephard Convent in Baguio is the best. The jam can be added to cakes, croissants, pies, muffins, bread, and more. However, depending on your travel time, it is best to check with the sellers for how long the jam will stay fresh and unspoiled. Also, strawberry jams are delicious and can be bought in addition to the ube halaya. 
Approximate Cost: A bottle of Ube jam costs around 200-250 PHP
Where to Buy: Good Shephard Convent. Also, different brands are available in supermarkets and stores across the country. 

5. Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans
The Philippines has many regions that have been proficient in growing coffee for hundreds of years. Also, different varieties of coffee, such as Arabica, Excelsa, Robusta, and Liberica (barako) are grown here. The coffee beans are fresh, high-quality, and a great souvenir gift to carry home. The beans are perfect because they have a longer shelf life and can be ground as per your requirement and convenience. Additionally, it's not too heavy and can be carried easily in luggage and allowed at customs. 
Approximate cost: 300-600 PHP
Where To Buy: Craft Coffee Revolution, Third Wave coffee shops, Henry & Sons, Yardstick Coffee, BC Batangas Coffee, Northern Bean Industry. Coffee beans are also available in supermarkets and local stores. 

6. Wooden Handicrafts

Wooden Handicrafts
The Philippines is a country of gifted artisans. Wooden handicrafts are particularly popular in the Quezon Province. Craftsmen create several varieties of wooden products, including spoons, bowls, lampshades, boxes, and more. Besides, tiny trinkets, decors, and wooden figurines are also great wooden souvenirs to shop for. Wooden models of coconut trees, shoes, fish, toys, barrel man, and pen stands are adorably cute and easy to carry. Most wooden products are made from tropical hardwood, such as acacia and mahogany; some are from coconut. 
Approximate cost: 400-1200 PHP
Where To Buy: Celestial Arts Inc, Countryside Furniture Store, Surety Craft International, Silahis Arts & Artifacts, SM City

7. Salakot

Locals wearing conical hats are postcard images from Southeast Asia. The story is no different in the Philippines. Conical hats, locally known as salakot come in different sizes and makes. These protect the head, face, and neck against the sun. The salakot is a suitable souvenir that can be gifted and used while working outdoors or on picnics. These are very reasonably priced and lightweight to carry. However, if you wish to pack these off in the luggage, you must be careful not to disarrange the cone shape. 
Approximate cost: 300-1500 PHP
Where To Buy: Salcedo Saturday Market (Manila), local markets, and supermarkets.

8. Toy Jeepney

Toy Jeepney
A jeepney is a local public bus that is a common sight on the streets of cities and villages in the Philippines. Their unique structure and ubiquitousness make them a characteristic symbol of the nation. The jeepney was made using the leftover parts of military jeeps that were discarded after the Second World War. But soon it became a public transport that remains an important commute mode. Since you cannot carry a jeepney back home, a toy jeepney is a perfect souvenir that reflects the Philippines. The miniature toy models of the jeepney are extremely popular and can be picked from any local store or toy shop. These wonderful showpieces can be added to your shelf or placed on your table with other collectibles. Besides, they are great gifts for kids. 
Approximate cost: 100-1500 PHP depending on the quality and make.
Where To Buy: Any souvenir or toy shop across the country.

9. Sungka

Sungka is a popular traditional game that you will spot locals playing together. The board game consists of shells or pebbles and a board that has seven hollows carved into it. The game aims to collect the maximum number of pebbles in your hollow. While on vacation, learn this competitive and fun game from the locals. And then carry it home to continue playing with your loved ones!
Approximate cost: 100-350 PHP
Where To Buy: SM Light Mall, Souvenir Island General Merchandise, JL Souvenir shop. The game is available in local toy shops and malls as well. 

10. Festival Masks

Festival Masks
The Philippines is a culturally rich nation. Several festivals spread across the year are celebrated with much enthusiasm and fanfare. Some of these include Masskara Festival, Manila Day (June), the Feast of the Black Nazarene (January) and more.  Filipino masks are a vital part of any festival celebration. They are colorful with different sizes and shapes. You can adore your walls with them or gift them to kids. Either way, the Filipino masks are a great reminder of the people and culture of the nation. 
Approximate cost: 400 - 1000 PHP depending on size and material used. 
Where To Buy: Available in malls, local stores and tourist shops, especially during a festival season. 

11. Banig Items

Banig Items
A Banig is a handwoven traditional mat that is made in the Philippines. They are made from seagrasses, pandanus and other leaves, such as Tigok and Romblon. Weavers dry the leaves, then paint them and weave them into different patterns. Banig mats are vividly colorful, and Filipinos usually sleep on them. However, one can use the mats for various other reasons, such as taking them on picnics or outdoor campings or even for home decor. Besides the mats, Banig bags, slippers, and laptop cases are quite popular.
Approximate cost: 100-500 PHP
Where to Buy: Handicraft shops anywhere in the country sell Banig items. Some of these include Balikbayan Handicrafts, Woven PH and more. 

12. Hand Fans

Hand Fans
The Philippines is hot and sultry. Hand-held fans are easy to carry and provide instant relief from the sweltering sun outdoors. Locally known as Abaniko or Pamaypay, these fans come in various foldable and non-foldable styles. Simple fans are made from the anahaw or buri leaves. However, exquisite fans are also available made from silk tassels. The abaniko fans are part of the traditional dress of the women of the Philippines and are also carried in weddings and social occasions. 
Approximate cost: 200-500 PHP
Where to Buy: Malls and clothing and accessory stores

13. Keychains

Keychain souvenirs are one of the most famous gifts. Keychain sellers are found everywhere! From malls to stores to selling locally on streets, you are sure to find keychain sellers no matter where you go. The keychains are extremely easy and lightweight to carry. Besides, the keychains are unique in design and style. They are designed as island names, dolphins, shells, starfish, palm trees, etc. Also, popular dishes are designed on keychains, including chicharon, squid balls, pata, longganisa, lechon keychains, and many more. Most keychains are wooden. However, metal and plastic keychains can also be found. Besides keychains, fridge magnets are petite souvenirs that can be brought in bulk and gifted to family and friends back home. 
Approximate cost: 50-200 PHP
Where to Buy: Keychain sellers are found on the streets, in local stores and in malls across the Philippines. 

14. Textiles and Fabrics

Fabric and Textiles
The original fabrics made in the Philippines are beautiful and natural. The pina is made from pineapple plants and the fabric is translucent and soft. Besides, there are many different handwoven fabrics made by textile workers. The batik materials are also popular and have attractive bright colors and designs. Some other local handwoven fabrics are Hablon fabric, Abaca fabric, Inabel fabric and more. You can buy fabric pieces or accessories made of handwoven textiles, such as bags, scarves, clothes, towels, wallets, and more. 
Approximate cost: 300 - 3000 PHP depending on the type of fabric
Where to Buy: Anthill Fabric Gallery, The Fabric Warehouse, Townes Inc, Fabric City, Home Fabrics Manila, Rochas Fabric Store, Blak Fabrics and more. 

15. Filipino Chocolates

We end the list with something sweet. Chocolates are perhaps the most loved souvenirs because, of course, everyone likes a bite! The Philippines are known for manufacturing high-quality, delicious chocolate bars fused with local flavors. Some of the most well-known brands are Auro Chocolate, Theo & Philo and Malagos. Also, the tablea is a chocolate drink made from cocoa and can be mixed with milk or water. Do not think twice before taking this home if you love chocolate!
Approximate cost: 100 - 1000 PHP, depending on the brand and flavor. 
Where to Buy: True Chocolate, Kultura Filipino, Megabites Chocolate Confections, Sticky Philippines - Festival Mall. Chocolates and tablea are also available in stores and grocery shops. 
Besides the usual shopping for clothes, accessories, and home decor, the Philippines offers authentic souvenirs that are a part of its culture and society. These souvenirs are poignant and perfect reminders of a fruitful trip you will cherish forever. Buying apt souvenirs is thus a great way to relive those memories. As well as, pass it on to others in form of gifts.

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