Getting Around Philippines

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Getting Around in Philippines

Buses are the most preferred and cost efficient means of transport as they connect inter cities and a number of roads inside the islands. Ferries are also used for plying from one island to the other.

Getting Around Philippines By Air

Cebu Pacific is the largest as well as one of the lowest cost airlines covering 38 domestic destinations and 30 international destinations in 20 countries across Asia Pacific. It has the most extensive route network in the Philippines.

Getting Around Philippines By Rail

Philippines has three main railway networks: the Manila Light Rail Transit System composed of the LRT-1 and LRT-2 and Manila Metro Rail Transit System composed of the MRT-3 which only serves Metro Manila and the Philippine National Railways which also serves the metropolis and some parts of Luzon.

Getting Around Philippines By Road

Roads in the Philippines vary greatly in quality from the immaculate expressways of Luzon to the narrow dirt roads of the mountain areas, which may complicate travel by car. Most major roads have two lanes. Road maps are available in bookstores throughout the country to assist in driving.

Getting Around Philippines By Water

Because it is an island nation, ferry acts an important means of transportation. Large cargo as well as small boats are used. Some trips last for a day or two on large overnight ferries.

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