Where and How to Celebrate New Year's In The Philippines

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The Philippines, also known as an Island Country, is a nation which practices many traditions and cultures. Just like any other festival, New Year is also celebrated with great enthusiasm in the country. If you happen to visit the Philippines during New Year’s, then it is an amazing sight to watch and experience.  New Year in the Philippines is accompanied by its traditions, which even you may want to know about and try.

The best places during New Year’s in the Philippines

1. Eastwood City Mall, Quezon City


New Year’s Eve at the mall is like a very fun music concert with celebrity performances and entertainment shows with popular musicians and bands.

2. Rizal Park, Manila


If you are not a person who likes to party then you can enjoy a fun picnic evening with your family and friends at the Rizal Park where you can watch the sparkling fireworks and spend quality time with your closed ones.

3. Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City


Quezon Memorial is a popular National Park in the Philippines with several museums, playgrounds, restaurants and much more. You will get to see the history and legacy of the Filipinos and enjoy the local Filipino style food in the restaurants here.

4. Boracay Island, Aklan Province


One of the popular and most favourite New Year Destinations among the tourists in the Philippines. Celebrations on this island with crazy parties, delicious Sea-food and a spectacular view of fireworks is worth experiencing.

5. Tagaytay City


If you are not a party animal and do not like to meet many people or be social, then you can have a chilled and relaxed celebration at Tagaytay for a silent yet peaceful New Year’s celebration.

6. SUBIC, Central Luzon

The most favourite vacation spot for tourists with amazing amusement parks, water sports, safari’s, etc. You can enjoy a spectacular evening with buffets, drinks and yacht rides.

7. Iloilo City, Panay Island


Iloilo isn’t really the first place that comes to mind for New Year’s Celebration, it is very underestimated. The local folks of Iloilo gather at midnight for the NYE countdown and celebrate with Media Noche (The Midnight Feast) and fireworks. You can savour your first day of New Year’s in Iloilo by visiting the city’s alluring landmarks like the Plaza de la Villa Rica de Arévalo.

8. Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Pasay, Manila


This is one of the best hotels in Manila for New Year Parties and Celebrations. The hotel is located at the perfect Roxas Boulevard- which is from one of the most excellent places to view the ravishing fireworks and NYE Countdown. At the top floor of the hotel, you will be served with exquisite New year Specialities.

9. SM Mall Of Asia, Pasay, Manila


One of the biggest NYE celebrations take place here at the SM MOA in Pasay. With Celebrity performances, great shopping deals, beautiful decorations and fireworks, this place is gonna blow your mind.

10. The Peninsula, Manila


You can welcome the New Year’s by hanging out at the Peninsula Hotel in Manila. You will have a pleasant time here with amazing theme parties, finger-licking five-course dinner, music lounge, dance performances and an astonishing view of the night sky and fireworks.

The New Year Celebrations in Filipinos Style

1. Attire

The Filipinos wear Polka Dots Outfits on New Year’s as a tradition. When you are visiting the Philippines, make sure to pack a polka dot outfit too.

2. Midnight Meal

The Filipinos on New Year’s Eve have a midnight meal called Media Noche, with their friends and family to welcome the New Year with Prosperity and Happiness.

3. The Round Concept


The Filipinos believe that round shape is a symbol of Prosperity and Fortune, thus they have round-shaped fruits in the midnight meal.

4. Fireworks


The New Year fireworks are considered to be very fun and auspicious. The Filipinos keep their doors and windows open, so that the evil spirits go away because of the loud noises.

5. Traditional Beliefs

  1. Children Jumping at midnight to grow taller.
  2. Eating rice and pancit (noodles) to ensure good health.
  3. The children collect coins in their pockets and shake it for good luck.
  4. The Filipinos make sure to pay off all their debts on a new year and do not spend any amount on the 1st of January.

When in the Philippines, you cannot really put yourself away from the fun and wild New Year celebrations. So put on your dancing shoes and groove over the music beats of the NYE countdown, here in the Philippines.

This post was published by Laxmi Santosh Mishra

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