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What is the best time to visit Jordan?

The best time to visit Jordan is during the spring season (March to May) which is also the peak season and is considered ideal for visiting this Arab country. The spring season is the best time to view the nature of this desert country. The maximum high temperature at this time is around 20 degrees Celsius. It does rain in March, so enough moisture is added to the air. The spring also brings colour to the land. Due to the pleasant weather, tourists can visit sites like Petra and Amman, which get extremely hot during the summer months. Another great time to visit Jordan will be during the Shoulder season of the Autumn months, which lasts from mid-September to mid-November. Many people also like to visit Jordan during the summer months, which lasts from June to August. But it gets excruciatingly hot at this time. If you want to visit a nearly empty Jordan, then you can target the start of December when the winter isn't full blown. The Winter months are Offseason in Jordan, and not many activities are possible for the visitors. People who are looking forward to visiting the coastal town of Aqaba can do so throughout the year and enjoy by the sea.

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Seasons in Jordan

Peak Season in Jordan
The springtime is considered the peak season in Jordan. It is the time when tourists flock this small country. Spring lasts from March to May, and the weather is quite pleasant compared to the hot summer months. Spring brings life to the desert where you can spot wildflowers and greenery. The mountains do look great and also with that spring is also the time when you can enjoy the beaches. The temperatures vary in Jordan according to the region that you are visiting. But it mostly remains above 25 degrees Celsius. Do remember that Jordan remains sunny throughout the year.

Shoulder Season in Jordan
Jordan is a beautiful place, but it can get quite crowded in the spring months. So, if you want to visit a less crowded Jordan, then target the autumn months. Autumn isn’t long in Jordan before it turns into the icy cold winter. It lasts from mid-October to mid-November. The weather is pleasant, and you will get time to visit the different parts of Jordan with ease. These days many people also like to visit Jordan till the beginning of December, when the winter is incoming. But winter is a good time to visit the coastal city of Aqaba where the temperature remains pleasantly warm.

Off-Season in Jordan
Jordan is a place which is covered by desert. So, it is evident that it will get excessively hot during the summer months and also extremely cold during the winter months. Thus, the Summer months, which last from June to September and the Winter months which last from December to February are considered the off seasons of the country. Tourists avoid visiting Jordan during the summer months as the temperature can rise to 40 degrees Celsius. In the winter months, the temperature often goes below 0 degrees Celsius, and it can even snow. If someone plans to visit Jordan during either summer or winter, they should take the appropriate clothes and accessories. The offseason is also when many places are closed off. During summers, locals take a break from noon till 3 PM as the sun becomes unbearable.

Regions of Jordan

Petra is a renowned city in Jordan, which is mostly famous due to the history of an ancient empire. You will be mesmerised to see the hidden treasures that this place unveils to you. Petra is often the reason for which people decide to visit Jordan. The best time to visit Petra will be in the pleasant spring or autumn season as it is situated in the desert.  The springtime lasts from March till May and autumn last from mid-September to mid-November. If you want to visit Petra when it is empty, do target the summer months. But do not forget to carry your umbrella and several bottles of water.

Amman is a contrast between the modern and the old. This is the capital of Jordan, and you will want to spend a lot of your time over here. Amman can get extremely hot during the summer months, which lasts from June to September. So, it is best to avoid it during that time. Try to visit during the spring season lasting from March to May or the autumn season lasting from mid-September to mid-October when the weather is pleasant. It will let you have a great tour throughout the city.

Aqaba is the only coastal city present in Jordan. It is lovely, and the speciality of Aqaba is that it can be a relief during the winter months. The weather of Aqaba remains pleasant when the rest of the country is under chills. So, tourists can visit Aqaba during the spring months of March to May or even in the Autumn months of mid-September to mid-November. They can also target the winter months as their time to visit Aqaba in Jordan.

The Dead Sea

Another key reason for visiting Jordan will be to check out the Dead Sea. The place can be relaxing as it is different from the rest of Jordan. The best time to visit the Dead Sea during the spring (March to May) or the autumn (Mid-September to Mid-November). The place gets extremely hot during the summer. The winter months bring regular rain which will devoid you from swimming.

Weather in Jordan in January and February

January and February are the winter months in Jordan, so the country is chilly and snowfall is seen in many parts. The temperature often drops down to below 0 degrees Celsius at this time. Aqaba is the only place which remains pleasant throughout the winter and has a temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius. January marks the month which brings the heaviest rainfall in Jordan.

Weather in Jordan in March to May

The months of March till May is considered the spring of Jordan. This is also the peak season when the most number of tourists decide to visit the country because of its pleasant weather. It is the time when wildflowers can be seen and colours are added to the country. March also brings rain to Jordan.

Key Events in Jordan
•    Amman International Theatre Festival is held in April and there are performances in Arabic and English.
•    Distant Heat is an annual concert that takes place in May at Jordan and it is the time when all-night parties are arranged.

Weather in Jordan in June to September

Summers are excruciating in Jordan as it is situated on a desert. So, the months of June to August are pretty hot, and the temperatures can rise above 45 degrees Celsius at places. The weather is arid due to the absence of rainfall. This is considered the low season of Jordan. The first half of September in Jordan remains quite hot and dry. But from the middle of the month, you can feel a change which slowly leads to Autumn in Jordan. Jerash Festival for Culture and Art is held in the city of Jerash, and it is full of festivities and remembrance.

Weather in Jordan in October and November

October and November is the time when Autumn is present in Jordan. The weather is quite pleasant compared to the hot months that precede it. Rain is frequent during October, and it helps in adding moisture to the place. You can also catch a bit of greenery during this time in Jordan. The temperatures can range anywhere from 20 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. Middle Eastern Dance Festival takes place at Jordan in every October, and it celebrates the regional dances of the area.

Weather in Jordan in December

December is the onset of winter in Jordan. But it still isn’t as chilly as it will get in the upcoming months. So, the beginning weeks of December can always be an excellent time to visit the country. Aqaba remains pleasant during December as it is a coastal city. Around the end of December, snowing starts at several parts of the country.

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