How To Reach Jordan

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Jordan is very well accesible via a well connected and well maintained network of airports and roadways.

Reaching Jordan by Air

Jordan's national airline is Royal Jordanian Airlines. Jordan is also served by a number of other airlines including British Airways, Air France, airBaltic, Lufthansa, Austrian, Alitalia, Aegean, Turkish Airlines, Egypt Air, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. The Queen Alia International Airport is the country's main airport. Another airport has recently been inaugurated in Southern Amman.

Reaching Jordan by Bus

Long distance bus services operate from a number of Middle Eastern destinations including Tel Aviv and Damascus.

Reaching Jordan by Rail

Rail services have been suspended in Jordan since 2006, due to faults in functionality.

Reaching Jordan by Road

Cab or car services can be used to reach Jordan by road at the borders of Syria, Israel and Saudi Arabia. However, this is not recommended because of increased security at the borders owing to terror attacks.

Reaching Jordan by Water

To reach Jordan from Egypt  by ferry, use Aqaba Port operated by AB Maritime. They run ferries from Taba in Egypt. Additionally, there's a nighttime ferry from Nuweiba in Egypt. The trip takes about 45 minutes and costs around 75 USD. The ferries also run from Eliat Port of Israel to Aqaba, however, the service is currently suspended (updated 4 December, 2023).

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