Reaching England by Air

Being a major hub for tourism and business, England has numerous airports that connect the country to major cities in the world. The largest airport in UK, Heathrow airport, is also the third busiest in the world. The other airports in London are London Gatwick, London Luton, London Stansted and London city. The northern part of the country is connected by airports in Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield and Blackpool. Other major airports are Southampton, Bournemouth, Bristol and Plymouth. All the major airline operators have their flights to England, British Airways being the most prominent one.

Reaching England by Bus

Mostly within a continent. Only mention if it is a feasible option

Reaching England by Rail

The major rail operator connecting England to other parts of Europe is Eurostar. The trains run from Belgium and Paris via the Channel Tunnel and reaching England. There are also regular cross border trains from Scotland and Wales to England. BritRail passes are available for non UK citizens which allows one to have unlimited rail travel in one ticket.

Reaching England by Road

England is an island and thus it is not possible to drive to England, and the vehicles are left with two choices, either by car ferry routes or via the Channel Tunnel. There are car ferries from mainland Europe, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Ireland. Channel Tunnel from France carries vehicles along with their passengers.

Reaching England by Water

England has a long coastline and numerous ports which makes the connectivity of the country better with a lot of countries around the world. The major English ports are Dover, Harwich, Plymouth, Southampton, Liverpool and Newcastle. Visiting England from Wales is better by waterways as the main route remains too congested. The most used route is from Calais in France to Diver. There are ferry services from Sweden, Netherland and Denmark to Harwich.

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