Bahrain Visa

Bahrain Visa

There are many types of visas issued. They are : 1."e -Visa" refers to the visa where there isÊno visible stamping or label. It is generated electronically and validity of the visa will be checked when you enter Bahrain. 2.Single / Multiple entry visas which depend on the number of times you enter and leave the country.

Website: List of eligible countries (118) for E visa be checked in the following link -

Visa Policy for Indians

Total fee : BHD 29 (approx 5000 INR). You can apply online through the official website mentioned above. Processing of visa takes 3-5 working days. Because of E visa there is no need to get your visa stamped in passport prior to your arrival. The payment should be made using credit card and it allows for stay upto 2 weeks and to extend further , additional amount should be paid.

Visa for Indians - Fee & Requirements

You must have a passport (not any another type of travel document) and it should be valid for 6 months from arrival in Bahrain.

Countries that do not need a Visa for Bahrain

Citizens who are from Gulf Cooperation Council Countries namely (Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) do not require a visa to visit Bahrain and only National ID card is required for entry into the nation

Places to Visit In Bahrain

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