Getting Around Bahrain

Getting Around in Bahrain

Various means of transportation are available though the fare is high compared to other countries . Renting car can help in cutting down costs to a large extent.

Getting Around Bahrain By Air

It is better to use other modes of transport as there are no airlines providing connectivity between cities in Bahrain.

Getting Around Bahrain By Road

Taxi drivers will rip you off and even a short ride can cost you 20 USD and most of the taxis do not use meters and you will end up agreeing with the fare . Some taxis provide good services and it is advisable to take white or red roof taxis from airport . Well known taxi service providers include : SMS Radio Taxi , Bahrain online Taxi , Bahrain Limo (SABTCO). Try renting a car if you are planning to visit many cities as it will cost only 10-20 Dinar a day. Buses are also a popular means of transport but the erroneous schedules make it difficult for foreigners to understand the system and it is often crowded with labours and workers.

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