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Sub-Region: Middle East, Western Asia

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Ideal duration: 4-6 days

Best Time: December to March Read More

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"Concoction of liberalism, diversity and prosperity"

Bahrain Tourism

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a Middle-Eastern island nation, an archipelago of thirty-three islands bordering Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This desert island is a diverse society that brings immigrants from all the other six continents to live together harmoniously, boasting of a high standard of living and development, with sky-kissing million dollar buildings as well as two artificial islands. It is known for its petroleum reserves, offshore banking and tourism. Despite being a Muslim nation, it doesn't impose strict Islamic laws like its neighbours thus, paving way for a relaxed atmosphere which draws a large number of tourists. Bahrain's biggest yearly event - Bahrain Grand Prix F1 race is held in the month of April each year.

The Kingdom of Bahrain presents sights that mystify all, and is home to one of the most renowned formula one circuits in the world. This small island, spread over a mere 650 sq km is the epitome of hospitality. The most common languages are English and Arabic, and people here enjoy feasting on their traditional pita bread called khubuz, along with fish and dates which act as the staple diet of the people. They also prepare black tea called Sulaimani, made with the best of Arabic spices, typically served to guests here as an act of honour and respect from traditional Arabic utensils. Bahrain also boasts about having the most substantial proportion of reclaimed land area in the world, pushing its boundaries from 650 to 731 square km. It has a vibrant history and culture in the backdrop spanning almost a millennium falling victim to subjugation by various foreign invaders. Furthermore, it was also the seat of the Dilmun civilisation during its epitome of glory days. Rich in fables and ancient myths, it was said to be the land of ethereal beauty eternity, and immortality. It also boasts of the world's largest burial mounds amounting up to nearly 200000. The kingdom is also home to the elusive Tree of Life, a lonely mesquite tree that stands in the middle of a scorching barren desert with no apparent water source for hundreds of years. A stubborn tree that has refused to give away, its life is still a mystery to the scientific community, giving it a mystical aura. The aura complements the tinge emanating from the sun on to the golden sands of the desert. The local community come camping in tents, playing music and roaring away on quad bikes, leaving a spray of desert sand in its wake, a splendid sight to witness. Pan out to all four sides and end up facing the pristine waters of the Gulf of Bahrain. Bask in the pretty beaches attaining that tan or listen to the roar of the ocean or simply wander aimlessly, sipping on your cocktail as you witness the modern urbanisation of this beautiful island.

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FAQs on Bahrain

Who should visit Bahrain?

History, art and architecture lovers. Water sports enthusiasts. Keen shoppers.

What is the best time to visit Bahrain?

December to March is the best time to visit Bahrain when pleasant weather is observed throughout the archipelago. Bahrain is a desert country, and that means climates are harsh and there are only two main seasons in the year; Summer and Winter. However, there is a small interval of the few months in between where the climate is quite pleasant. Having said that if you are an ardent fan of motorsports, then you will have to plan your trip from March to April since Bahrain plays host to Formula 1.
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What is the local food in Bahrain?

Since it is an Island blanketed with deserts, the diet is restricted mostly to dates, camel milk and other meat products. Camel is used for meat during special occasions. Seafood is also widely consumed. Filipino, Indian, American and Persian foods are also popular because of the people who originate from there and work here. Bread, hummus and tabbouleh (salad) are the staple foods. Specialities: Falafel (fried chickpeas balls), Machboos (rice with meat/fish), Muhammar (rice with dates) and Shawarma (chicken/lamb)
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What is the best way to reach Bahrain?

The most preferred means of transport is by air for those who have less time and the cost-effective means of transport is bus.
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What are the places near Bahrain?

The top places near to Bahrain are Manama which is 18 km from Bahrain, Doha which is located 130 km from Bahrain, Dubai which is located 482 km from Bahrain, Abu dhabi which is located 424 km from Bahrain, Kuwait city which is located 447 km from Bahrain

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Lakshmi Murali

2 years ago
The Island of Pearls: A smart choice for a quick stop vacation. Rich in Arabic culture, Bahrain has a variety of cultural hubs varying from the Al Fateh Grand Mosque, Bahrain National Museum, Qal'at (Read More)al-Bahrain for the culture junkies. My favorite attraction during my trip to Bahrain was Wahoo- An Indoor Water Theme Park, the first of its kind in the Middle East. Also, the country's shopping destinations ranging from- The Bahrain City Centre, The Avenues, provides the comfort of luxury shopping while The Manama Souq & Malatya Pazari provides an exotic shopping experience. Tips: Try to avail the services of Bahrain Bus to make your trip pocket friendly
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