What is the best time to visit Bahrain?

The sky is clear and the climate is slightly sunny.

Summer (June to October )

It will be hot and humid during summer and it is advisable to not go out on excursions during the day or noon as the chances of sun strokes are high. It is better to avoid visiting during the summer season.

Winter(December to March)

The weather is very pleasant and winter is often accompanied by mild showers and cool breeze thus making it an ideal time to enjoy the climate as well as to explore the places.

Monthly Weather in Bahrain

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 15 21
February 14 19
March 18 25
April 24 32
May 29 37
June 30 40
July 33 40
August 32 41
September 30 38
October 25 34
November 21 28
December 17 23

Best time to visit the top destinations in Bahrain

Tourist Places to Visit In Bahrain

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