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Free Things to Do in Baltimore | Baltimore Free Things to Do

The city of Baltimore holds a collection of historical spots all across it and the national anthem of the USA was also created in Baltimore. Due to such historical and cultural importance of the city (Read More), it makes a great place for tourists and provides various experiences and activities for them. If you are in Baltimore and have already spent a hefty amount on accommodation or other expenses, there are also a variety of activities and places you can visit and enjoy for free in the city. Here are some free things to do in Baltimore that will offer you a wholesome experience of all that the city has to offer.

Here is the list of 10 Free Things to Do in Baltimore

1. Stroll through the greenery of the Federal Hill Park

Stroll through the greenery of the Federal Hill Park

The Federal Hill Park is a very popular tourist spot and it is located in Downtown Baltimore in a space that holds a lot of historical importance. The land where the park stands now was a place for various public meetings and discussions way back during the American Revolution.

Besides the history, the park is also home to some of the most stunning natural landscapes and various activities to do. From just walking to cycling, there is so much to do. However, The most popular activity is enjoying the lovely views of the city while relaxing on the grass or a bench in the park. Apart from federal Hill Park, the city also has various other parks where similar activities can be enjoyed.

Some other great parks of the city:
1. Canton Waterfront Park
2. Patterson Park
3. Druid Hill Park
4. Pierce’s Park
5. Rash Field

2. Discover stunning artworks at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Discover stunning artworks at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Situated in an historic building that was designed by John Russell Pope, the Baltimore Museum of Art boasts its current collection of 95,000 pieces. Guests can discover the various paintings, photographs, drawings, prints, sculptures and other art pieces in the museum. The 210,000 sq ft space includes the main building that holds most artwork and two gardens with various sculptures.

With such a large and diverse collection of art, anyone can find something of their interest in the museum that displays AmericanAfrican, Europeans and various other art pieces. There are also various moving exhibitions and events in the museum throughout the year which are also great to visit.

The city even has various other museums that are great to visit too, some of which are:

1. American Visionary Art Museum
2. Walter’s Art Museum
3. Maryland Science Centre
4. Baltimore Museum of Industry
5. The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum

3. Take a trip to the Inner Harbour

Take a trip to the Inner Harbour

A historical spot in Baltimore that is always bright with activity, Inner Harbour is a great place to visit to truly experience things unique to the city. The location is not merely a harbour or an ordinary historical spot, but contains a large collection of museums, parks, exhibition, restaurants, etc.It is an all rounded place that provides various experiences to its visitors.

You can take a stroll and witness the lovely waters and the various ships there or buy tickets and visit one of the ships and discover its interior and functioning. There are also various art galleries, museums and rotating exhibitions in Inner Harbour, which are great to visit.

Various other spots are at the waterfront and provide similar activities, which are:

1. Canton Waterfront Park
2. Baltimore Waterfront Promenade
3. Harbour East

4. Divulge into fresh local produce in Baltimore Farmers’ Market

Divulge into fresh local produce in Baltimore Farmers’ Market

Baltimore Farmers’ Market market offers fresh fruits and delicious vegetables that are locally grown. The joy of fresh produce and the undeniably good quality of it is what makes farmers’ markets all over the world a must visit place. It is the same in the case of Baltimore where you can find various fresh produce including veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers, bread, etc.

Not only produce but delicious meals cooked up using the very products is also available across the market alongside entertainment and music. The market is a lively spot and is great to visit and buy good food at. The various markets in Baltimore are as follows:

1. Harbour Market
2. Druid Hill Farmers’ Market
3. Baltimore Museum of Industry Farmers’ Market
4. Waverly Farmer’s Market
5. Pratt Street Farmers’ Market

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5. Explore the Basilica of the National Shrine

Explore the Basilica of the National Shrine

Built in 1821, the Baltimore Basilica is a place of religious and historical importance as it is the first cathedral to be built after the constitution was adopted in the USA.

Guests can observe the stunning architectural design of the building or pray in the holy building and attend a mass. The building is beautiful in terms of its design and extremely peaceful and divine, being a home to god, definitely a spot you should visit when you visit Baltimore.

Apart from the basilica, there are various other religious spots in Baltimore, namely:

1. Old St. Paul’s Church
2. St. Alphonsus Church
3. Mt. Vernon Place United Methodist Church
4. First & Franklin Street
5. St. Vincent De Paul Church

6. Take a trip to the West Shore Park

Take a trip to the West Shore Park

Placed in the Inner Harbour area, the West Shore Park is a great park with greenery and activities to do, and home to the Walter Sondheim Fountain. The fountain includes various water jets that spurt out streams of water and create a fun spot for kids and adults to play in.

After you are done walking and exploring the park or having a snack in the stalls nearby, you can just sit and watch children enjoy in the water. If you visit in summer, you can even cool off here or just observe the fun that is taking place in the park.

7. Attend a free concert in the streets of Baltimore

Attend a free concert in the streets of Baltimore

Baltimore is a city that is active with loads of events going on whether they are related to arts, music and various other things. So, of course, there are various concerts and live performances that take place in the city each year.

Though most concerts require a pass to enter, you can witness several live performances taking place in the street or events taking place in popular locations that do not require a pass and can be enjoyed. however, if you can, try on full-fledged concerts by buying passes as the experience is unique and exciting.

8. Relax and expand your knowledge with a book from the Enoch Pratt Free Library

Relax and expand your knowledge with a book from the Enoch Pratt Free Library

In 1882, Enoch Pratt gave his libraries away for public use without having an admission fee as he aimed to make it as accessible as possible to his fellow citizens. The library opened in 1886 and has since been open to the public to enjoybooks and borrow them. The library was renovated recently and has a huge collection of a wide variety of books.

Having such a diverse collection makes it an ideal spot for people of all age groups as everyone can find something of their liking to enjoy in the library. Being free, it is also quite accessible and is actively working to highlight the importance and joy of reading.

9. Pay a visit to The Gallery at Harbourplace

Pay a visit to The Gallery at Harbourplace

One of the most fun things to do in a city you visit is to discover local goods and crafts by local artists and people thus further exploring and understanding the place’s culture. Situated in Inner Harbour, this market area is a great place to discover various items ranging from clothes to home décor items and many more.

Of course, shopping is not free but window-shopping is a great activity especially in such an amazing mall where you can browse through so many items. And you can make a purchase or two to take back home as a reminder of your time in the city or merely enjoy the delicious food at the mall.

10. Observe the historical Washington Monument

Observe the historical Washington Monument

Created as a tribute to George Washington in 1829, this is the first monument ever to do so. It was created by Robert Mills, the same person who later designed the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. The monument is located in the Mount Vernon neighbourhood which is also home to an estate owned by the former president.

Visitors can observe the stark monument just from outside. They could also purchase tickets and climb to the top through the inside of the tower. Either way, it is a fun activity to do and there is also a presence of various galleries and displays and a lovely park where you can relax. If you are to visit in December, you will be just in time for the Annual Lighting of the monument which is a whole celebration with lots of fun activities

Apart from the Washington Monument, the city also has various other historical spots such as:
1. Fort McHenry
2. Battle Monument
3. Columbus Obelisk
4. Lafayette Monument
5. Fallsway Fountain

Being such an important spot for the history of the country, Baltimore is a city that has numerous activities for tourists to do and enjoy. Whether it be natural wonders or architectural wonders, every person can find something of their interest here. We hope our list of free things to do in Baltimore has been of help to you and will make your experience of the city a great one.

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