Lambir Hills National Park

Weather :

Time Required : 3-4 hours

Timings : 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM every day
The tickets can be bought at the entrance of the Park

Entry Fees : Malaysian:
Adult: RM 10 per person
Child (6 to 18 years): RM 5 per person 
Adult: RM 20 per person
Child: RM 10 per person (6 to 18 years)

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Lambir Hills National Park, Miri Overview

Lying 32 km west to the city of Miri, on Miri- Bintulu Road Miri, is the lush green forest of Lambir Hills National Park. Occupying an area of 6952 hectares, it is the world’s most ecologically diverse area. Bukit Lambir with a height of 465 meters is the highest point in the park.

Lambir Hills National Park is a hotspot amongst researchers and research scholars who study Lambir’s natural history of plant life and animal life. The splendid waterfalls with a luxurious green cover in a hilly backdrop, tower-like wooden shades and canopy walkways that take one through and about the area add to the appeal of Lambir Hills National Park.

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Attractions & Things to Do

The star attraction at Lambir Hills National Park is hiking. If you want to go in for a full hiking experience, it will take you a minimum of four hours or maybe more depending upon physical fitness. Best time to start the hike is around 8:00 AM. Remember to follow the signs and marks on the trails. If ambiguity persists, refer to the guide available at the counter.
Trail guides can be hired to take you to the best spots through convenient routes. It is strongly recommended to go in a group for hiking instead of opting for solo hiking. Do visit the Latak Waterfall as the climb to this one is relatively easy which makes it more popular amongst hikers. Another waterfall that is a hikers’ favourite and is worth visiting is the Nibong Waterfall followed by Pantu Waterfall. If you are an experienced hiker, you can consider climbing all the way up to the summit of Bukit Lambir. However, be very careful of stingy ants that accompany you all the way through the trails. 

If there is something that the visitors to the Lambir Hills National Park really enjoy is having a picnic with family and friends. At the very entrance of the Park Headquarter, there is a picnic table and bench where people can sit and enjoy the view.

Visitors love barbequing here at the Lambir Hills National Park as they bask in the splendour of mighty forest cover. Barbeque grills and gazebos are available here on a first come first serve basis. 

Tree Tower
The twenty two-metre-high tree tower near the Park Headquarter is a must-see. 
Another unique feature about the hike is the tree ladders that one can find almost everywhere in the Lambir Hills National Park. These ladders take one all the way up to the forest canopy which enables the visitors to soak in the magnificent view from the treetop. However, this is not meant for the faint-hearted as one is expected to climb a sky embracing tree without any safety measures. People scared of heights too should definitely omit climbing the tree ladders.

Flora & Fauna

  • Lambir Hills National Park is blessed with abundant plant life. There are more than 1175 species of trees alone giving it a status of one of the most diversified forests in Malaysia. Majorly, Lambir Hills consists of trees from the Dipterocarpaceae family that produce winged fruit. 
  • It is claimed that there are more than 230 species of birds at the national park. However, on visiting one will only hear a lot of chirping and less of bird sighting which is a bit of a downside.
  • Lambir Hills National Park is home to more than sixty-four species of mammals and approximately forty-six types of reptiles. Also, there are more than twenty varieties of croaking frogs. Gigantic mammals like gibbons and sun bear have almost vanished from the Lambir Hills National Park owing to illegal activities. The park also supports invertebrates like Rajah Brooke's birdwing butterfly.
  • Lambir Hills also supports more than three hundred species of ants along with rare varieties of leeches.
  • Different species of moths and beautiful butterflies in enchanting hues can also be spotted at the Lambir Hills National Park.

How to Reach Lambir Hills National Park

To commute to Lambir Hills National Park, reach Miri Bus Terminal of Sarawak from where it is easily accessible. Board Bus 33A that will take you to Pujut Corner Bus Station or Long Distance Bus Station. Bus 33A is not the same as Lambir Bus. The latter has a different route and goes somewhere else. Once you reach Pujut Corner Bus Station, buy a ticket for heading to Bintulu. Ask the driver to drop you at Lambir Hills’ main entrance. All in all the journey from the Miri division of Sarawak takes approximately thirty to forty minutes. 

On your way back, board any bus that goes to the main town Miri. The last bus can be boarded by 5:30 PM. There can be a time gap between the available buses as their arrival is quite sporadic. Be patient and plan your visit accordingly.

For those who stay near the Lambir Hills National Park can opt for car conveyance. There is ample parking space at the National Park and is pro bono.

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