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Ideal duration: 1-2 Days

Best Time: May - September Read More

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2.8 /5 Rate This Destination


Ideal duration: 1-2 Days

Best Time: May - September Read More

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"Beach, Culture and Cuisine"

Bintulu Tourism

Bintulu is a small coastal town located in the Bintulu district of Sarawak State of Borneo Island in Malaysia. Bintulu is well-known for its golden beach and the rare endemic Irrawaddy dolphins. It is also famed for the longest kite festival in Malaysia. The town also has the best ‘belacan’ shrimp sauce in the whole of Malaysia. Bintulu is a popular stopover on the way to Similajau National Park.

Masjid Assayakirin is a major spot and the biggest mosque in Bintulu Division. A monumental place to visit is that of Negri Monument which marks the historical meeting held by the britishers that would bring about changes in ruling of the area. Bintulu also has a spot for beach lovers by the name of Tanjung Batu Beach which is a rocky beach perfect for a relaxing day by the waters. Similajau National Park also has a breathtaking golden beach which is certainly a must visit. Bintulu Promenade offers a wonderful sight to the waterfront and the sunset while you reinvigorate in this recreational park.

Nearby village of Kampung Jepak gives an understanding of the traditional Malay life. It is packed with the rustic lifestyle of local people with several activities to witness and experience ranging from fish drying, cooking, manufacturing of shrimp paste, tutop and cencaluk. The very renowned Borneo International Kite Festival takes place in Bintulu in September end and October start of every year. You can plan your visit around this time and witness the bright blue sky filled with huge colorful kites. The festival also gives a sneak peek into the traditional culture of Malay people with its mesmerizing performances. Bintulu Regatta which is like the Dragon Boat Festival of China is also a very prevalent festival in Bintulu. Kuan Yin Tong Temple and Taman Tumbina Zoo Park are among other famous places worth visiting.

Things to do in Bintulu

1. Tumbina Park

Tumbina Park
Also known as the Taman Tumbina Zoo, the place is a popular combination of a botanical garden and a zoological park. It has plenty of usual birds like hornbills, parrots, doves, barbets, raptors, (Read More) etc. and some animals like deers, tigers, bears and porcupines. The large park is divided into sections like the orchids garden, butterfly farm, bird garden, etc. A well-maintained park with clean roads and paths, there are some shelters and gazebo areas to rest and take shade from the hot sun. There is no cafeteria so it is advisable to carry food and water. 
Timings: 9AM - 4:30PM

2. Tanjung Batu Beach

Tanjung Batu Beach
A 15-minute drive from Bintulu town centre, Tanjung Batu Beach is an ideal getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle. Upon entering you will find some comfortable seats and a pathway leading to (Read More)the tranquil beach. The beach is crowded on weekends with people enjoying picnics and gatherings along the blue water and cool breezy weather. The beach offers excellent sunset views and has a food centre close by. 

3. Kampung Jepak

Kampung Jepak
The traditional village of Jepak or Kampung Jepak is a folk fisherman village well-known for its fish drying and manufacturing processes. The village lies away from Bintulu and is divided from the mai (Read More)n town by the Sungai Kemena or the Kemena river. You can experience the authentic lifestyle of these Malay and Melanau settlers, and their occupations like sago processing, manufacturing shrimps, making Terendak.

4. Kuan Yin Tong Temple

Kuan Yin Tong Temple
Situated approximately 2km from Bintulu city centre, the Kuan Yin Temple at Sultan Iskandar road is a Chinese temple of the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin. The temple displays classical Chinese architectu (Read More)re with bright red pillars and roofs. There is an interesting sculpture animal garden with Chinese zodiacs and a beautiful koi pond just next to the temple. Being the only Chinese temple in Bintulu, the place is well-maintained and has a garden for visitors to relax.

5. Assyakirin Mosque

Assyakirin Mosque
Commonly known as Masjid Asy-Syakirin, the mosque is located about 3kms away from Bintulu town centre, in the village of Asy-Syakirin. The first divisional mosque in Bintulu, it is situated at a recre (Read More)ational park of the same name and is known to have a fusion of classical and modern architecture. The dark blue dome structure is appealing and makes the mosque stand out. The mosque is the first in Malaysia adapting to the idea of an open space area for naturally refreshing bright light and air flow. It hosts devotional classes, motivational speeches and camps to educate people on spirituality.

6. Pasar Tamu Bintulu

Pasar Tamu Bintulu
Pasar Tamu Bintulu is a large market for vendors to sell fruits, vegetables and other household groceries. The marketplace is covered with an overhead cone-shaped roof that is the traditional architec (Read More)ture style of the Melanau settlers in Bintulu. Locally known as Ikan bilis, anchovies are commonly sold here at a very inexpensive rate. The area is located across the beautiful riverfront and next to the famous Pasar Utama.

7. Borneo International Kite Festival

Borneo International Kite Festival
The annually held Borneo International Kite Festival is undoubtedly one of the largest kite festivals of the world attracting about 400 participants from over two dozen countries. Held at the coastal (Read More)city of Bintulu with an ideal flying weather over a span of three days, the town welcomes kite flying enthusiasts and aficionados to watch the beautifully created handmade kites take over the skies of Borneo. The kites are artistically prepared with vibrant colours, some animal and bird-shaped, cartoon characters, etc. The venue of the event is the Bintulu old airport and is organized every year by the Bintulu Development Authority. 

8. Pasar Utama Bintulu

Pasar Utama Bintulu
Pasar Utama in Bintulu is a wet market allowing vendors to sell local meat, fresh jungle food, vegetables, fruits, snacks and seafood produce. The market is located at a pleasing riverfront area with (Read More)peripheral fencing and a roof top that resembles the terendak, the local headgear of the Melanau folk. The upper level of the marketplace is a snack section and food court.

9. Bintulu Waterfront

Bintulu Waterfront
Bintulu promenade is a waterfront esplanade for tourists and locals to walk around and experience the calming weather. The promenade has an open car park area along with picturesque lush green landsca (Read More)pes in the background and fencing. The place offers excellent sunset views and soothing wind blows. It is a common place of interest among residents for gatherings and public events.

10. Bintulu Regatta

Bintulu Regatta
Bintulu Regatta is a an annual boat rowing race held in Bintulu. This exciting three day event receive hundreds of entries categorically from several neighbouring countries. The Regatta has a number o (Read More)f sections like the speed boat race, power boats and traditional long boat race. The venues tend to differ but it is usually held at the Sungai Kemena. 

Things To Do In Bintulu

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More on Bintulu

Food in Bintulu

Bintulu has delicious local food that can be found all around the town. Do visit the well-known markets of Pasar Utama and Pasar Tamu Bintulu. Bintulu Belacan and Cincaluk are a must have from these markets. They are cooked in traditional style and are scrumptious.

Pasar Malam, night markets, are another prime destination for foodies. A wide variety of local food is available with authentic taste.

Bintulu is well-known for its Sagu products which are a must buy.

Need to Know

  • Every flight outside the state of Sarawak is considered as International. 
  • Bintulu is in the developing stage and lacks WiFi facilities. Very few hotels offer free WiFi.
  • Though English is widely understood and spoken in Bintulu, some suburbs have only local language speakers. If you are taking a bus or visiting a village, you will need a translator to help you. 
  • The people in Bintulu are simple and not much advanced.
  • Cash is the widely accepted mode of payment. There are a very few ATMs in Bintulu and it is recommended that travellers bring cash with them.

Best Time to Visit Bintulu

How to Reach Bintulu

How to Reach Overview

Bintulu is located 200km from Sibu in the North East and Miri in the Southwest.

How to reach Bintulu by flight

Bintulu Airport is the nearest airport and has flights from all over Malaysia. Some of the most operating flights are connected to Mukah, Miri, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Belaga and Kuching. It is 20km from the city centre which takes about 30 minutes to cover the distance via road. The taxis charge approximately RM40 one way. A Grab cab will from the airport to Bintulu city centre cost around RM30.

How to reach Bintulu by bus

Buses are also an ideal way to reach Bintulu. The major bus station is that of Medan Jaya. The buses connect Bintulu to other major cities of Sarawak like Betong, Miri, Sarikei, Sungai Tujuh, Batu Niah, Sri Aman, Kuching and Sibu and many other. Buses with an international link also ply to and from Bintulu to Indonesian cities of Brunei and Pontianak. 

How to reach Bintulu by waterways

Bintulu Port is the busiest port in the state of Sarawak. However, Bintulu is only connected to nearby suburban areas of Labang, Sebauh and Tabau. 

Local transport in Bintulu

An ideal way to get around Bintulu is its bus service. All tourist spots have bus stops. Most local buses are stationed around the Main Bazaar.

Taxis can also be spotted at the western end of the Main Bazaar. Grab cabs are available in Bintulu as cheaper rates.

Bintulu is also well-connected with boats which charge RM 2 to RM 80 depending on the distance to the destination. Boat rentals are also available that charge RM 500 per day. All the suburbs have ports and water transportation. 

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Tanjung Batu Beach is a popular picnic and recreation spot in Bintulu
Kampung Jepak is a folk fisherman village in Bintulu
Kuan Yin Tong Temple in Bintulu

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