Best Time To Visit Southeast Asia

Best Time: Winter (Nov-Feb) Read More

Budget: Cheap-Moderate

Winter (Nov-Feb) is the best time to visit Southeast Asia

November to February is the best time to visit Southeast Asia because of the drier, cooler weather that comes with winter. Summers are too hot and humid and most days are spent indoors; same goes for the rainy season. Winters, however, are mild and pleasant enough to encourage outdoor activities like swimming, scuba-diving, hiking and sunbathing.

Southeast Asia in Southeast Asia in Summer (Mar-June)

While summer means low prices and fewer crowds, hanging out outdoors becomes virtually impossible as temperatures skyrocket up to 97 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Nights are also marked by dampness, humidity and stickiness. One can enjoy the beaches early in the morning and go for a swim, however stepping outside again before evening becomes extremely improbable.

Southeast Asia in Southeast Asia in Monsoon (July-October) (excluding Indonesia)

While rains mean exquisite greenery and the most unique flora and fauna, it also means flash storms, water-logging, and bloodsucking leeches. Navigating around the cities becomes exceedingly tough and most outdoor markets remain closed. Beached also become inaccessible for the most part. Only the most adventurous and those looking for an entirely different experience centred more on natural beauty (wildlife parks, sanctuaries) should go in the monsoon.

Southeast Asia in Southeast Asia in Autumn (Oct-Nov)

A brief transitioning period from monsoon to winter - this is a good time to visit largely because prices are still low, however the weather becomes much more manageable and pleasant. Cool breezes and a green countryside welcome tourists along with tasty delicacies.

Southeast Asia in Southeast Asia in Winter (Nov-Feb)

Western tourists, wanting to escape the freezing European and North American winters, flock to the region - making this time the peak tourist season. Expect huge crowds and overbooked hotels and hostels. A good time to go hiking, trekking, swimming and wildlife spotting in one of the national parks in Thailand. The Songkran festival is also celebrated around the same time in Thailand, adding to the cultural experience.

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