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"The Garden City of the East"

Yangon Tourism

Fun fact: Yangon was actually known as the city of Rangoon - that is until the name was officially changed in 2006. This city combines bits of Asian and British cultures beautifully! A trip to Yangon is a trip that is perfect for any foodie, culture and history fan, or even someone who appreciates the beauty of nature!

Yangon is the largest city and the commercial center of Myanmar. It is also known as the 'Garden City of the East'. The people of Yangon place a lot of importance in the preservation of natural elements, which explains why everywhere you go in the city you will always come across some beautiful scenery. The city was founded around 1755 by King Alaungpaya who incidentally named in Yangon. However, when the British came and colonised the country, the name was changed to Rangoon, until 2006 when it was officially reverted back to its original name. When people visit the city, it is said that they are always mesmerized by the beauty and bounty of the city and its people. The culture is very inclined towards kindness and helpfulness, so when someone leaves, they always leave with a lot of friends! A lot of the buildings in the city are made up of brick, as these were the traditional colonial structures used by the British. The city center is home to most of the commercial activities, and further north of this is where you will find beautiful museums, lakes and restaurants, as well as sporting stadiums and complexes.

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