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"Monolith Hillock in Kerala"

Kurumbalakotta Tourism

Kurumbalakotta is a monolith hillock located in Wayanad district at Kerala, India. Situated at 3,220 feet above sea level, the hill gives a splendid view of the scenery spread around. Geographically, the mountain is a part of the Deccan plateau and is in the centre of Wayanad. 

Also, it is in the confluence of the Eastern and Western Ghats; the hill is very popular for trekking which has an additional tinge of adventure and caution as there is no perfectly paved path for trekkers. The mesmerising beauty of nature can be most enjoyed between September and March.

Trekking in the hill is a challenging adventure which all venturesome people would love. The landscape from the top of the hill is outstanding. It is the only place in Wayanad which gives the view of the almost half of the district. The rampant greenery spread around the city offers a mesmerising panorama. A view of neighbouring mountains like the Chembara, Banasura, Ambukuthi can be seen from the viewpoint on the hamlet.

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Places to Visit

Kurumbalakotta, a popular trekking spot gives an enduring view of nature, which is a must-see for all. Amidst the thick tea plantations, the viewpoint from the hillock provides a sweeping view of almost half of the district. There are also a few churches and temples spread around the area.

1. Kurumbalakotta View Point
One can opt for a jeep ride or go trekking up the hamlet. The rocky way up the hill can take a lot of efforts, but it is worth it when the peak is reached, which offers a breathtaking view. In early mornings, thin rays of sunlight can be spotted peeking through the thick layers of mist. The gorgeous view of the sunrise can be witnessed rising from the Chembra peak, which can be spotted from the hillock. Other mountains such as Manikunnu, Vellari and Kurichyamala can be seen from here. There is also the Kurumbalakotta Kurushi Mala, which is closer to this viewpoint where the beautiful sunset can be seen in the evenings.

2. St. Jude's Church
It is one of the very few churches in Kurumbalakotta. This newly constructed church is located at a distance of 2.2 kilometres from the viewpoint. The high raised ceilings and the mild lighting gives the church an aesthetic look and also offers an excellent ambience. The idol of Jesus hung on the cross, provokes a religious feeling in all.

3. Bagavati Temple
The 900-year-old temple is 1.6 kilometres from the viewpoint. A kalvilaku with inscribed dates inscribed stands in front of the temple. This inscription acts as a source of information regarding the age of the shrine. The hut-like sanctuary has a serene atmosphere and elegant appearance. The sanctum is small with a brightly lit lamp closer to the idol of the Goddess.

Food and Restaurants of the Region

There are not many food options or restaurants on the top of the hill. A few stalls can be found which sells snacks, soft drinks, water and other basic needs. There are many resorts where basic meals are available to ease the hunger pangs. At the foot of the hill, there are a few restaurants which serve classic Keralite dishes.


The hill is most famous for the thrilling trekking experience it offers. Trekking the way up the hill to reach the peak can be a challenging yet compelling task. The trek begins from Malankara from which the hikers may have to walk their way up through grassy, bumpy and unpaved paths. It extends for a distance of 2.5 kilometres.

What to Carry
Trekkers are highly recommended to carry a stick and wear comfortable footwear as the way up Bthe hillock is very rocky. It is necessary to take basic needs like torches and first aid kits in case of emergency.

The travellers must watch out for hazardous insects and snakes.

On the top of the hill, people can camp under tents, the services of which are provided by individual resorts. There are also beautiful huts where people can opt to stay.

History of Kurumbalakotta

Interestingly, the beautiful hillock has a history behind it. Believed to have belonged to a Kurumba caretaker, the hillock became a point of observation for a local king who spied on the enemy monument below the fort. The place is said to have been the territory of Vedara dynasty. However, there are no remains of the fort that have been witnessed until now. The name of the hillock was believed to have derived from the king whose name was Kurumbapaalakan.


Day 1
It is necessary for everyone to spend an entire day and stay overnight on the hill to experience the striking view and climate that each time of the day offers. After enjoying the beautiful sunset in the Kurumbalakotta Kurushi Mala, one can stay through the night in tents, hut houses or resorts which provides a unique and exciting experience.

Day 2
Early the next morning, it becomes more convenient to get prepared to watch the spectacular sunrise from the View Point and explore other parts of the hill as well. There are a few temples and churches where one can spend some spiritual time and calm the mind. Also, there are other sites on the hillock, which offers a magnificent view of the landscape.

Traveller Tips

  • It is recommended to hire vehicles for travel as commuting up the hill is a challenge.
  • There are very few food stalls on the hill. Thus, arrangements for food and snacks must be made beforehand in case of emergency.
  • It is to be noted that cash must be carried as there are no ATMs on the hill.

Best Time to Visit Kurumbalakotta

How to Reach Kurumbalakotta

How to Reach Overview

Kurumbalakotta is well connected by road. The city does not have a railway station or an airport. Thus, one has to commute to the city from the nearest station or port.

How to reach Kurumbalakotta by flight

The closest airport is the Calicut International Airport which is at a distance of 104 kilometres from the hill. There are frequent flights which link various states and countries.

How to reach Kurumbalakotta by road

The place is well connected by a hillock. One can reach the foot of the hill by buses that connect other vital points in the district. The closest stopping is Malankara, which is near the location from where hikers can start their trekking. People travelling by cars can drive their way up the hill.

How to reach Kurumbalakotta by train

Kurumbalakotta does not have its railway station. The closest station is in Kozhikode which is at a distance of 92 kilometres from the hillock. The Kozhikode railway station is well connected to other major cities.

Local transport in Kurumbalakotta

Reaching the peak of the hill can be quite a challenge as there is no public transportation available. However, there are a few travel agencies in the city where jeeps can be hired at affordable prices to reach the peak of the hill. Self- driven car rentals are available in Wayanad which can be driven uphill. The roads are in quite a bad condition which calls for caution. For trekkers, there is no perfectly paved path for them to walk their way up.

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FAQs on Kurumbalakotta

What is famous about Kurumbalakotta?

The beautiful view of nature from the viewpoint on the hill is what makes the place worth visiting. Sunrise and sunset can also be enjoyed from the same point which looks extraordinary.

What is not so good about Kurumbalakotta?

There are no places of visit for clubbers and history fascinates. Also, there aren't any places for the children to have fun and get their muscles moving.

Who should visit Kurumbalakotta?

Adventurous people who are interested in trekking should try this challenging hike up the hill. It is also an ideal place for nature lovers.

What is the best time to visit Kurumbalakotta?

The climate in the city remains pleasant throughout the year. Between the months of September and March, the temperature drops, giving the typical feeling of a hill station, which is the best time to visit the city. Summers in the city is not too hot, but the temperature remains slightly warm. Summer rains strike the city in unexpected times and leave the city wet. During monsoon, the city is slashed with heavy rainfall during which travel and sightseeing on a hill station are not recommended.
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What is the best way to reach Kurumbalakotta?

Kurumbalakotta is well connected by road. The city does not have a railway station or an airport. Thus, one has to commute to the city from the nearest station or port.

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What are the places near Kurumbalakotta?

The top places near to Kurumbalakotta are Munnar which is 113 km from Kurumbalakotta, Ooty which is located 114 km from Kurumbalakotta, Kochi which is located 65 km from Kurumbalakotta, Thrissur which is located 8 km from Kurumbalakotta, Alleppey which is located 126 km from Kurumbalakotta

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