How to Reach Utrecht

You can reach Utrecht easily by train, car, bus or tram. Utrecht does not have an airport so you can't fly directly to the city.

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How to Reach Utrecht from India

Regular flights from major Indian cities to Eindhoven fly at reasonable prices. You can also fly to Amsterdam which is cheaper and then take a train or a bus to Utrecht.

How to reach Utrecht by flight

The nearest airport to Utrecht is at Eindhoven. People generally fly there and then take a train to get to Utrecht.

How to reach Utrecht by road

Car rentals are a good option for those willing to experience a long drive at their own pace and comfort. You can pay for parking at fixed rates at one of the many public parking spaces in the city.

How to reach Utrecht by train

Utrecht Central Stationhas daily night trains connecting Utrecht with other international cities like Berlin, Prague and Copenhagen. Domestic trains run frequently and are well connected with other major cities in the country.

How to reach Utrecht by bus

Buses may take longer than trains but it is another option for you in case you wish to avail it. The bus station is right next to the train station. Busstation CS Centrumzijde is where all buses coming to and going from the city stop by.

Local transport in Utrecht

Walking or cycling is the best and cheapest way to see Utrecht. Everything is within walking distance of the city centre. If you plan on taking the train, bus or tram get the OV Chipcard to get cheaper prices and avoid queues.

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