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"The Home of Mahakaleshwara"

Ujjain Tourism

Ujjain, considered to be one of the holiest cities of India, is an ancient city situated on the eastern bank of the Shipra River in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. Ujjain is one of the four sites for the Kumbh Mela, the largest peace gathering on the planet that attracts 100 million people to the festival.

This makes Ujjain an important place of Hindu Pilgrimage. To add to that, it is also home to the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, one of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines to the god Shiva. Ujjain is one of the most glorious cities of ancient India as it is also reckoned to be the educational hub of various Indian scholars. The immense wealth of Ujjain in terms of religion, architecture, and educational value makes this is a top attraction amongst not only Indian travellers but also foreign.

Ujjain is located at a distance of 52 km from Indore, which is also the nearest major airport. 

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History of Ujjain

The history of Ujjain can be traced back to the time of Mahabharat and Ramayana. Lost in the midst of antiquity, this place holds the tales of Lord Ram and Sita of the time when they used to visit this place to perform “Pind-Daan” for father Dasharat at Ramghat. One of the most sacred pilgrimage destination, it was once the residence of Great Emperor Ashoka. During his ruling in the western provinces as a viceroy, it was this place where he came to know about the teachings of Buddha.

Ujjain Simhastha - Kumbh Mela of Ujjain

The Kumbh Cliche about getting lost seems true in the hustle-bustle of this festival. A Hindu pilgrimage where thousands of Hindu worshippers gather to take a bath in the sacred pool, this festival is held by one of the four cities Ujjain, Nasik, Allahabad, and Haridwar every three years. It is said that four drops of nectar fell in these places during the tug of war between gods and demons, signifying the holy pools of water in each city. The dates are calculated by combining the zodiac positions of the sun, moon, and Jupiter, which marks the beginning of month-long fairs, cultural performances and crowds coming from all around the world.

Ujjain: The City of Temples

One of the oldest cities in India and a perfect destination for a spiritual journey, Ujjain is also regarded as ‘the city of temples’ for its appealing temples, soaking the atmosphere and people in divine serenity. The Mahakal temple venerated to Lord Shiva attracts the most crowd during pilgrimage including several other temples such as Harsiddhi temple, Kal Bhairav temple, and the Chintaman Ganesh temple. Dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha, the Sri Radha Madan Mohan temple is famous for its unique architecture and attracts tourists from far away.

Greenwich of India

Hindu astrologers and astronomers have named this city as ‘Greenwich of India’ based on its positioning on the Tropic of Cancer (first meridian longitude) that passes through Jantar Mantar. Thus, this place is believed to be as timeless as holy and religious. This unique geographical location astro-sciences has been referred to as central reference point. Several calculations including the denotation of standard time are attributed to this place.

Historic Significance

Located on the banks of River Shipra, Ujjain earlier was the capital of ancient Avanti and also of King Vikramaditya. Tourist sites in Ujjain range from temples to observatory to palaces and heritage structures. For Hindus, this is a holy site where Hinduism flourished intensely centuries ago. A trip to Ujjain would signify walk down the rich history of India. Monumental structures also stand as the testimony of the skills and craftsmanship of the people across different timelines.

Restaurants and Local Food in Ujjain

Ujjain as a whole is a vegetarian location in majority and there are very few restaurants which might offer non vegetarian. Finding a decent non vegetarian restaurant in Ujjain is certainly no child's play. The cuisine is predominantly Indian with Punjabi cuisine and Rajasthani thalis being a favourite amongst a majority of the tourists. South Indian delicacy enthusiasts are also likely to find a haven for their hunger requirements easily here.
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One Day Itinerary

Day 1- Start day at Harsiddhi Temple. Then visit Gadkalika Temple, Kaal Bhairav Temple, Sandipani Ashram and Mangalnath Temple.
Day 2- Visit Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ram Ghat, Ranmukteshwar temple, Mahakaleshwar and Chintamani Ganesh Temple.

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What's Great?

Historic wonder. Amazing Architecture.

What's Not So Great?

Summers can be very hot.

For Whom?

Ujjain is a great place to visit for people of all age groups.

How To Reach Ujjain

Ujjain is well connected to most Indian cities via a good network of roads and railways.

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manikesh srivastav 1 year ago
Bhasm Aarti must see . Religious importance.
Ayush Baheti 1 year ago
- Have a guide with you or make a well researched plan for yourself and only then embark on to your trip.
- If you visit this place during the winters, make sure you carry woolen clothes along because it gets really cold at nights.
- Forget all your stresses and drench yourself in the sheer awesomeness that this city has to offer.
- Medication and food facilities are available at frequent intervals, so it shall not be an issue.
- Avoid visiting the Kumbh Mela with children below the age of 10 years, because it is going to be a very crowded affair and in the haste of washing off all your sins, you do not want to lose out on your children.
Mohan Das 1 year ago
Best place to visit. The peaceful environment and those beautiful gardens with variety of flowers will definitely attract you. As above mentioned the beauty of those sculpting on white marble and most beautiful deities of narasimha dev, gaur- nitai , Radha madan mohan , krishna balaram and jagannath baladev subhadra maharani wearing vibrantly coloured and hand -made dresses will not allow you to take your eyes off them.The most delicious part is the famous khichdi of iskcon usually distributed as a prasad and of course free of cost.
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