What is the best time to visit Tungnath?

April to November is the best time to visit Tungnath. During summers the town is in full bloom, and the air is fresh and crisp. The peaks are covered with a lush green cover of pine deodar and rhododendrons. During monsoon, the place becomes prone to landslides, so it is recommended to be avoided. While the winters are a big no, as Tungnath is covered with a thick blanket of snow until early March.

Weather in Tungnath


Upcoming Tungnath Weather

Monthly Weather in Tungnath

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 4°/ -6° 3 days
February 7°/ -4° 5 days
March 10°/ -2° 9 days
April 14°/ 2° 14 days
May 18°/ 4° 7 days
June 19°/ 8° 11 days
July 17°/ 9° 27 days
August 17°/ 10° 29 days
September 17°/ 8° 26 days
October 15°/ 4° 5 days
November 13°/ 2° 1 days
December 7°/ -3° 3 days

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Tungnath in Summer (April - June)

Summertime is undoubtedly the peak season for tourism in Tungnath. During this time, Chopta, the base for Tungnath trekking, remains at its greenest and prettiest. From here the trek is 3.5 kilometres uphill through unravelling scenic beauty. From April to August, the weather stays pleasant, with no rain or snowfall. The Tungnath temple opens during summers, and it is the perfect time for pilgrims. Temperature stays around 16°C, and the climate is moderate. The rhododendrons are also at their reddest during June, making the valleys look like a slice of heaven. This is by far the best time if you want to take a comfortable and enjoyable trek.
Summer season, Tungnath

Tungnath in Monsoon (Septemer - October)

Monsoons do not bring heavy rainfall in Tungnath. Between July and September, there is some scanty rainfall in the region. It is not too adverse to stop tourism altogether, but the crowd is inevitably thinner than summer. The main problem of the monsoon is the overcast sky. From around late summer to the monsoon months, the sky remains covered in a layer of grey clouds and the view of the mountains becomes shrouded and vague. Given that the scenic beauty of the Garhwal is one of the chief attractions of Tungnath trek, this will be one disappointment that tourists and trekkers might face. Apart from that, the area becomes prone to landslides. Hence, be careful while planning your trip during this time.
Monsoon season, Tungnath

Tungnath in Winter (November - March)

Winters are for the adventurers and nature lovers at heart. After monsoon washes over the hills, leaving a crystal blue sky and a lovely crisp air, Tungnath comes alive looking quite magical and more sparkling than ever before. The temperature during winter can start from 10°-12°C but go down to -15°C easily. Carry layers of warm garments to keep yourself from freezing. Snowfall is common, and snow is abundant. Trekking through the terrain during this time can be a challenge, but if you are up to it then nothing quite like it.
Winter Season, Tungnath

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