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What is the best time to visit Trincomalee?

Considering the country’s humidity, the annual temperature within the city is warm throughout the year with average rainfall. The best months to visit this historical city is within the warm months during May to early June, where the temperature usually varies around 39.1 degree Celsius to dropping down at 26.4 degree Celsius during the night. The winter months (December to February) are also an enjoyable time for the travellers as the temperature is pleasant with a low chance of rainfall. The temperature within this period ranges from 30.4 degree Celsius to 28 degrees with a slight chance of snowfall during this period. The city also witnesses massive tourism during this season. Thus, one can enjoy either the hot summers or experience the chills during the winter months of this serene city!

Weather in Trincomalee


Upcoming Trincomalee Weather

Monthly Weather in Trincomalee

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 29°/ 24° 8 days
February 29°/ 24° 4 days
March 31°/ 24° 0 days
April 32°/ 26° 5 days
May 35°/ 26° 16 days
June 35°/ 27° 5 days
July 34°/ 26° 10 days
August 33°/ 26° 6 days
September 32°/ 25° 17 days
October 30°/ 24° 23 days
November 30°/ 24° 21 days
December 29°/ 24° 20 days

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