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Fort Frederick, Trincomalee, Trincomalee Overview

In the coastal town of Trincomalee is the beautiful Fort Frederick which was built in the 17th century by the Portuguese and was later fully completed by the year 1624. The Fort has an exciting appeal to it as it was built on the Swami Rock-Konamamala which was formed by the debris and remains of the famous Hindu Koneswaram temple, which was also known as a temple of a thousand pillars.

The Sri Lankan army is currently operating the Fort, but it also acts as an alluring tourist destination which attracts people due to its historical appeal. One can explore the Fort on foot or hire a tuk-tuk. Inside the Fort, you will also come across the Gokana Temple and the Wellesley Lodge among other historical imprints. Thus, the Fort takes you on a fantastic heritage experience to remember.

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Fort Frederick, Trincomalee

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Things to Do at Fort Frederick

1. Sri Pathrakali Amman Kovil

On your way to the Fort, you will come across the famous Sri Pathrakali Amman Kovil temple. If you are lucky, you may also witness Hindu rituals and ceremonies.

2. Shop for the fish

Sri Lanka is famous for its authentic seafood, and on your way to the Fort, you will come across the fish market where you can buy some delicious fish for a tasty meal.

3. Koneswaram Temple

Following the road which leads from Fort Frederick to the hill will take you to the beautiful Koneswaram temple. The temple is built on a great location and takes a beautiful drop into the ocean. The temple is beautiful with intricate details, carved figurines, and colours that make it a splendid sight to see and experience. Sip on your coconut drink and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Trincomalee bay from the temple. Also, don’t miss out the back area of the temple.

4.  Gokana Temple

Trincomalee town was initially known as Gokana in ancient times, and the Gokana Temple was built in this old town in the 3rd century. Today this temple has become a site for Hindus to visit, worship and offer their prayers.

5. Wellesley Lodge

You will find the Wellesley Lodge not more than 100m from the fort gate. The Wellesley Lodge was a place where the lodge was earlier the residence of Colonel Wellesley who later on became the Duke of Wellington, who recovered from an illness in the year 1799.

6. Swami Rock

The road through the Fort ends at the Swami Rock, which is a famous shrine for Hindus as well as it also attracts many tourists. You will find the Shiva temple which stood here for many years until it was levered over the cliff on the sea by the Portuguese.

7. Lover’s Leap

Located close to the Swami rock is the Lover’s Leap, which is a solitary pillar built in the memory of a Dutch officer’s daughter who jumped off the cliff and ended her life after her lover broke her heart and deserted her. Since then, the spot is known as Lover’s Leap. Going south, you will come across the Admiralty House which boasts of its lush green lawns and banyan trees and is a great place to relax after a hot afternoon.

History of Fort Frederick

The Portuguese built the Fort in the year 1624 from the remains of the Hindu temple which was destroyed. The Fort was later captured by the Dutch who used it as a means to defend against the advancements of the British and the French. Fort Frederick was eventually captured by the British, and they used it for all their sea operations.

After the end of the war, there are little to almost no restrictions to access Fort Frederick. Currently, the Sri Lankan army operates the Fort, but one can move freely and visit the Koneswaram temple with virtually no hassle. Today, the Fort is famous among by both local and foreign visitors.

Tips while Visiting Fort Frederick, Trincomalee

  • If you are planning to hike to the Fort, do wear comfortable shoes which will enable you to cover the distance smoothly. Also, carry a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey.
  • If you are planning on visiting the temple, wear decent and comfortable clothing, which will cover your shoulders and legs. You may also make use of a sarong or scarf for the same.

How To Reach Fort Frederick, Trincomalee

You may make use of different means of transport to enter Fort Frederick. You can arrive at Trincomalee from the central bus station and from there you can hire a tuk-tuk, rent a bicycle or even hike by foot to the Fort Frederick.

If you are taking your private vehicle, you need to park it in the nearby parking area and hire a tuk-tuk which will take you to the Fort and the temple on the top of the hill.

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