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Pathirakali Amman Temple, Trincomalee Overview

Pathirakali Amman Temple is a Hindu temple of the goddess Kali who is believed to be an incarnation of goddess Kali Amman located in Trincomalee which is in the eastern province of Sri Lanka. The temple is built in the classical Dravidian style of architecture which is similar to the temple styles found in South India. The temple has a beautiful design and interior along with beautiful sculptures which are nothing short of excellence. Along with temple design, there is also an appropriate description and plenty of stories which have been visualized in the statues.

The Pathirakali Amman Temple is a part of the temple complex of the ancient Trincomalee Koneswaram Temple Compounds. Further, the temple is also close to the Trincomalee Hindu College. The history of the temple dates back to the Chola kings from the 11th Century, and it has been attracting pilgrims ever since. The temple also holds an annual festival which is called the ‘Mahotsavam’ which lasts for about ten days and ends along with the Chariot festival of the Koneswaram temple. So, if you plan to visit the Koneswaram temple, do make it a point to visit the great awe-inspiring Pathirakali Amman Temple to have a complete religious and spiritual experience.

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Pathirakali Amman Temple

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Celebration of the Mahotsavam Festival and Chariot Festival at Pathirakali Amman Temple

The feast of the Mahotsavam festival usually begins in the third week of March for 15 days where the devotees come and celebrate the feast. The entertainment is followed by an evening puja which takes place on all days of the festival. The Mahotsavam ends after ten days with the water cutting ceremony will be held in the Back Bay Sea in the eastern port town.

The temple is also a part of the famous Chariot festival of the Koneswaram temple. There is an annual three-day festival held on the occasion of Mahashivrathri each year. In the first stage, all the idols of the temple are brought to the front gate where they are placed in the chariots to be paraded around the town of Trincomalee. The chariot vehicles are pulled by devotees for the procession through a decorated route while singing hymns, while the devotees worship the idols from outside their homes. On day two of the festival, the gods are in the Pathirakali Amman Temple, where they are worshipped in the evening. Finally, on the last day of the festival, the idols are pulled back accompanied by musicians and placed in their original place in the temples.

Tips while Visiting Pathirakali Amman Temple

You need to dress appropriately and respect the local dress code when you visit the temple. So make sure that you wear comfortable clothing where your shoulders and legs are covered. You may use a scarf or a sarong for the same.

Also remember that during the summers or the hot season, the sand would be quite hot, especially during noon. So carry some bottled water to keep yourself hydrated and wear comfortable footwear

History of Pathirakali Amman Temple

The Pathirakali Amman Temple is built in the Dravidian style, which is a form of an architectural style which has emerged from the Southern part of India. King Rajendra built the temple I of the Chola Kingdom who expanded his kingdom significantly during his reign. The evidence of the same is available in the form of an inscription at the shrines, which gives us the details of his conquests and battles. The Pathirakali Amman Temple has also found its mention in the book Birds of Prey of the year 1997, which was written by Wilbur Smith set in the 1660s.

How To Reach Pathirakali Amman Temple

You can easily access the temple from the Trincomalee bus station, which is just a five-minute walk from the temple. The Trincomalee station is also close by, and the distance between the railway station and the temple is not more than 1.5km, which can be easily accessed by a tuk-tuk or even on foot. If you are hiring your private vehicle, you can also park it in the nearby parking space which is typical for the temple as well as the fort.

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