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Located 130km southwest of Tirupati is the fascinating city of Nellore. Nellore is known for its pristine and clean beaches, the most notable ones being Kodur(You can boat here and catch a fish if lucky! Velangani Maatha Church lies next to the sea shore.

Many people comes here every Sunday to offer prayers. One can enjoy sun rise from shore here its awesome view.) and Mypadu. Also housing some extremely beautiful temples, Nellore is a divine City. The Ranganatha Temple holds a beautiful chamber walled with high-class mirrors arranged at proper angles to reflect only the deity seated in an elevated ornate seat for the Lord in the centre. The Narasimha Swamy Temple is located on Narasimha Swamy konda,15km from the town. It is located on an elevation, which provides you a good view of the city. In winters one can find fog all around and take a walk through these faint clouds, if they reach there by 6AM. Its most alluring attraction is SHAR (Satish Dhavan Space station) which is the only rocket launching center in India. Some other famous attractions include the Nellapattu Sanctuary, Penchalakona Temple. Legend has it that after slaying the demon Hiranya Kasipa, Lord Narsimha bathed in Penchalakona and withdrew that Avataram of Narasimha,

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