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Thalassery Tourism

Fondly known as Tellichery, Thalassery is a coastal town of Kerala nestled at the shore of Arabian Sea and immersed in the vibrant culture. Steeped in rich history and heritage, this town was one of the earliest British settlements in the state.

Thalassery owns several credits in its basket when it comes to panoramic views, the reflection of its glorious past and nature's beauty. Apart from being a home to many famous circus owners and artists including Gemini and Bharath, this charming town is also renowned for its bakeries. One can witness several bakeries in the region exhibiting the sweet tooth of the inhabitants. Besides all this, Thalassery also showcases the relics of the past left behind with all grace and poise. The place is a paradise for history buffs and nature lovers. Make sure you make the most of the trip which will leave no leaf unturned to enchant you.

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More on Thalassery

History of Thalaserry

Thalassery basically means “starting place of a settlement”. It became an important commercial center with the establishment of the British rule in the year 1682. A number of revolts also took place in the empire, each of which, was suppressed by the British. In 1708, the British East India Company had the Thalassery Fort constructed, to mark themselves as the imperial masters of the region. Thalassery became an important seaport as it became an integral part of the spice exchange. “Thalassery”, was called “Tellicherry”, under the Britishers, as an anglicised version.

Culture of Thalaserry

Thalassery became quite the cultural centre with the British invasion. The invasion brought about a reform in the situation of education, specifically literature. Malayalam literature in the form of newspapers, books, poems and short stories first came about in this cultural centre, Thalassery only. This hub also stands for its passion for three things: cricket, circuses, and cakes. And, where visual performing art forms are concerned, Thalassery has an abundance of choices, ranging from a classical dance form like Kathakali to other folk dance forms like Theyyam, Nina Bali, and Thira. Where food is concerned, the cuisine of Thalassery is described as the “mussel capital” of the country. What with the special biryani, being the most popular item, other delicacies like Falooda and Unnakkaya also make Thalassery one of the popular "food" destination for tourists.

Kalaripayattu - Martial Arts of Thalassery

Kalaripayattu, a martial arts form of Thalassery, has proper elements of a military practice of the days begone. There are several ritual performances like Patayani, Poorakkali, Teyyam, Mutiyettu, and Kolkalli. Kalaripayattu is all about self-defence. Hence, the techniques are designed to suit that need. With certain animalistic postures, the use of sticks, swords and shields is rampant. It trains people in certain bare-hand techniques as well. It is said that this art form trains the students to be extremely flexible and agile.

3 C's - Cricket, Circus and Cuisine

Thalassery also substituted as Tellichery is nestled on the Malabar Coast in Kerala. This place marks the beginning of 3 C's, namely; Circus, Cricket, Cuisine. The very first circus school in India was established here by Keeleri Kunhikannan, also known as 'Father of Kerala Circus'. A Circus Academy was opened at Thalassery in 2010. The India's very first Cricket Club which was later named as Town Cricket Club was formed in 1850 at this place by Lord Arthur Wellesley for British soldiers garrisoned in the Tellichery Fort. The Thalassery Cricket Ground was a hub of cricket activities during those days. In 2002, the ground celebrated its 200th anniversary. It also hosts Ranji Trophy Cricket matches quite often.

Thalassery is renowned for its biryani as it is unlike the other biryani cuisines, it uses Kaima rice instead of the usual Basmati rice. A hint of Arabian/Mughal culture is evident in the biryani. It has its variant of the Persian desert Falooda, a cocktail of fruit salad, various dry fruits, rose milk and vanilla ice cream. Apart from these 3 C's, Thalassery was famous for the trade of spices, especially pepper. It was a hub of commerce where Chinese, Arab and Jewish traders had considerable influence which was later taken on by the Britishers, and under the British rule, it emerged as a bustling commercial centre, with the trade of Pepper and Cardamom reaching its peak at that time.

Restaurants and Local Food in Thalassery

Thalassery cuisine, due to the rich Arabian, Mughlai, and Malabari influences, happens to be one of the most vibrant cuisines in all of Kerela. What rings the most, in terms of food, when one hears Thalassery, is Thalassery Biriyani. Gorging on this special biriyani happens to be an integral part of a visit to Thalassery. What makes this biriyani different is that it is made out of Kaima or Jeerakasala rice, instead of the usual one used. Also, to make the masala for this preparation, fried onions are used. Another variant of popular biryani here is the Mussel Biryani, which is made marinated mussels.

This beautiful city also stands for other food items like Kallumakkaya Nirachathu (another mussel dish), Unnakkaya (a sweetmeat snack), Malabar Beef Roast (a spicy recipe popular in this region), and Falooda (a Persian dessert, made of fruits and dry fruits in rose milk and vanilla ice-cream). Thalassery also stands for its amazing bakeries, an impetus to which as a culture was given by Mampally Bakers.

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One Day Itinerary

Day 1: Reach Thalassery by early morning and start your journey by visiting the temples established in the region which hold great prominence. Firstly you can visit The Jagannath Temple followed by a visit to Sree Rama Swami Temple. Both of these temples are famous shrines in this region and make us realise the existence of Hinduism since time immemorial. To get a glimpse of some other religion being followed here, you a visit The English Church which is believed to be one of the oldest church on the Malabar Coast. In the afternoon you can enjoy the local delicacies of the place and visit the numerous bakeries and try the relishing cakes, which originated in this part of the country and satisfy your sweet tooth. Then an evening spent at the Ezhara Beach along its waters, sitting on the smooth sands, enjoying the scenic beauty which it has to offer and call it a day.

Day 2: Hire a car and drive to the Thalassery Fort and witness the huge walls of the place and the British architecture. Then head straight to the Drive in beach i.e. The Muzhappilangad beach. You can drive along the shore on the sands of the beach and enjoy the ambience of the place. A swim in its shallow waters will rejuvenate you. You can relax by taking a sun bath. Local food available along the coastline will give your tongue the eccentric flavour.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

Charming nature. A religious place with a lot of historic temples. This city is prominent in the field of bakery and cakes.

What's Not So Great?

Since it has a tropical climate and the mercury level sometimes reach 40 degrees Celcius, this place can make you drench in sweat and leave you exhausted.

For Whom?

Thalassery is an ideal destination for a vacation with family and friends. It is perfect for all the history buffs, photography enthusiasts and the beach lovers. 

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How To Reach Thalassery

Thalassery has a Railway Station which is well connected to cities within Kerela as well as to cities lying outside Kerela. Frequent buses are also available from all the nearby cities within and outside Kerela. The Calicut International Airport is the nearest airport from the town.

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Thalassery Reviews

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Rohit Shroff 1 year ago
- Make sure you carry a camera to capture the essence of charm oozing out of the city.
- Avoid travelling the city during summers owing to hot and dry weather and scorching heat.
- Carry a pair of sport shoes for lots of walking and hiking and take precaution while indulging in any sport activities.
Nehad Zein 1 year ago
Thalassery is small and charming town primarily famous for its food. The iconic 'Thalaseery Biryani' is famous worldwide. Moreover, Thalassery has a few sweet recipes exclusively known only to its inhabitants. Being one of the earliest settlements of the British, there are numerous buildings with historical significance, the most prominent of which is the sea bridge behind the fish market. Thalassery also features a few restro-cafes which provide a comfy escape.
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