Food of Tawang

The cuisine here is a blend of traditional North-Eastern food and a colourful and spicy influence of Monpas, making it standout a little. Also, the richest, most colorful and delicious from of Tawang's food is found on its street, giving birth to a vibrant street food culture.
One must try the mouth watering Paratha-Sabzi, Zan, local versions of a pancake as well as a rich Biryani called Gyapa Khazi. Other than these, don't miss the staple Momos and Thukpa

Here are the top 2 restaurants in Tawang:

1. Orange Bar & Restaurant

4.0 /5
Near market, Tawang, India 
10AM- 9 PM
INR 300 For Two

In this secluded, beautiful district in Arunachal Pradesh, this place comes as a respite for food lovers. The service is quick and one can indulge in a good meal while good music fills the air with ease and fun.

2. Dragon Restaurant

4.0 /5
Extras, Old Market, Lumla, Tawang, India 
Chinese, Tibetan
10AM- 9 PM
INR 350 for two

The Dragon restaurant is said to be the only place in Tawang that serves the local dishes with that earthy regional taste. Their most famous local dish is called Churpi and it's recommended for people who don't mind experimenting with local cuisine.

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