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"Unexplored Beach Town of Sri Lanka!"

Tangalle Tourism

Tangalle or also known as Tangalla, is one of the less explored places in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. At a distance of around 250 km south of the gorgeous capital city Colombo, lies the unexplored beach havens of Tangalle. The beautiful beaches of the town are glimmering with the crystal ocean, and glittery sand is a paradise for every beach lover out there.

Tangalle today comprises more than one beach and is also a favourite spot for fishing; swimming and the waters are also suitable for diving. Located in the south of Sri Lanka, Tangalle is a must visit, especially when you are at the South Coast.

The island is dotted with a rich heritage of temples, coves and beaches along with some simple guesthouses to enjoy a simple and yet a quiet stay at the beach. However, there are also some luxury resorts which are budding quickly in the place for you to experience an utterly lavish stay, making it a beautiful mix of polished and rough.

The island boasts of a variety of memorable experiences of visiting monasteries like the Buddha temple, rock temples, turtle watching and bird sanctuary along with the pristine beaches to soak in the beauty of Sri Lanka.

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More on Tangalle

History of Tangalle

This port was discovered for the very first time by the Dutch, and their influence is visible in the form of some magnificent Dutch architecture like Rest House, Court House and Fort. Further, it was also used by the British as a strategic fishing port. Tangalle gets its name from a golden rock or rangala which speaks of the legend that a holy man ate a meal there which transformed the rock into gold. Another theory speaks of Tangalle as a projected rock at the bay which was protecting the village from the perils of the sea.

3-Day Itinerary For Tangalle

Day 1: Start your day with some peace by chilling at the Silent Beach located close to Goyambokka. Soak in everything that Tangalle has to offer with its white sandy beach, glimmering oceans and lush palm trees. If you want to try surfing, Tangalle is the place to be, with the weather and wind hardly affecting the waves it is an ideal surfing spot for many tourists and localities. After a day of surfing and chilling, head over to Medaketiya, which will make your stay worthwhile with its upbeat and chilled out restaurants. Day 2: When in Tangalle do make a trip to the Mulkirigala Rock Temple. The temple will help you to forget all your worries and experience a sense of calm which you have never experienced before. This massive structure is made up of seven cave temples and five terraces, giving you a large area to explore, making it perfect for a half day excursion. To make your trip more memorable, head out to visit one of the most massive Buddha idols at Wewurukannala. But watch out! You will have to pass through sinners and creepy demon sculptures until you finally see the statue. Day 3: If you are a bird lover don’t miss out the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a paradise for all bird and animal lovers. Housing a mix of many habitats from coastal lagoons, mangrove swamps and open grasslands gives you the experience of watching the birds in their natural habitat. Go for this visit if you love birds and a physical trek.

Food in Tangalle

Sri Lanka boasts of its authentic cuisine, especially when it comes to seafood and some traditional meals to savour in all the while soaking in the beauty of the place. 1. Mare at Anantara’s resort: Perfect for a night out, unique items to try out is the locally cooked fish and pasta 2. Medaketiya Beach, Open air Gayana: For budget dining and Sri Lankan style fish rice served with fresh coconut 3. Maya boutique hotel: Indulge in some Sri Lankan style set menu. (However, requires you to book in advance)

Shopping at Tangalle

Tangalle is a shopper’s paradise for some high-end shopping as well as doing some budget shopping. Do pay a visit to Sifani (jewel shop) and check out their grand sapphire and other precious stones. If you are looking for some local street shopping visit Barefoot for some vibrant and colourful textiles, local crafts, wooden masks and leather bags all hand-made by the locals.

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FAQs on Tangalle

What is the best time to visit Tangalle?

The average temperature in Tangalle usually does not change much and feels humid and hot throughout the year. You may experience some showers for half of the year while the other half is comparatively dryer.

If you want to visit Tangalle during the warmest months of the year, the best time would be between April to July.

However, the best time to visit Tangalle is during the North and East dry season, which is from April to September to make the most of your visit to the beautiful beaches.

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What are the things to do in Tangalle?

The top things to do in Tangalle are Tangalle Beach, Bundala National Park, Hiriketiya Beach, Rekawa Beach, Mulkirigala Rock Temples, Silent Beach, Tangalle. You can see all the places to visit in Tangalle here

What are the places near Tangalle?

The top places near to Tangalle are Galle which is 63 km from Tangalle, Colombo which is located 143 km from Tangalle, Kandy which is located 141 km from Tangalle, Nuwara eliya which is located 102 km from Tangalle, Anuradhapura which is located 258 km from Tangalle

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