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Mulkirigala Rock Temples, Tangalle Overview

Mulkirigala temples are an ancient group of Buddhist temples in Mulkirigala town, near Tangalle, in Hambantota district of Southern Province, Sri Lanka. These temples are built on a 205 metres high natural rock and have four other rock hills in the vicinity, namely Benagala, Kondagala, Bisogala and Seelawathiegala. The rock temples are amidst lush green coconut plantations. This site has been officially recognized as an archaeological site in Sri Lanka, by UNESCO. Mulkirigala rock temples in Tangalle are known by different names, such as Mulkirigala Raja Maha Vihara, Mulgirigala Vihara, Muvathitigala Vihara Little Sigiriya, etc., as given by various sects of Buddhists, priests and some by ancient locals and learned men.

The 533 steps climb to reach the temples is definitely worth the effort, because the temples are the epitome of peace and antique splendour. The walls of the temples have murals and sculptures dating back to the Kandyan Era. These paintings mostly depict the life of Gautama Buddha. Some of them even represent the concept of after death, while some others are excerpts from Jataka stories.

The area is divided into seven Viharas within five compounds, named Siyambalamaluwa, Lower Vihara, Bomaluwa, Raja Maha Vihara and Dethispala Bodhiya. Each compound has different features and contents. For example, the first compound has the museum and a rest house, the second has tombs and a monastery, the third has a hall and a cave, the fourth consists of a pond, a rock inscription and a lamp post, and the fifth one contains a bell tower, a lake and a horizon valley. These compounds make the site jaw-droppingly gorgeous, with its grandeur and antiqueness. Not only does the sit look astonishing, but it is also very peaceful.

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Mulkirigala Rock Temples

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Tickets for Mulkirigala Rock Temples

The ticket to the site costs 500 LKR.

Mulkirigala temples are a group of temples built on a natural rock, in Mulkirigala town, near Tangalle. These temples are a UNESCO archaeological site in Sri Lanka.

Landscape of Mulkirigala Rock Temples

Mulkirigala temples are built on a 25 metres high natural stone, amidst the lush coconut plantations of Mulkirigala, near Tangalle, in Hambantota district of Southern Province, Sri Lanka. The site is accessible via Dickwella and Tangalle by tuk-tuk.

Mulkirigala rock temples in Tangalle is on a natural rock of 25 metres. This temple can be reached by climbing 533 steps from the base. The effort makes the journey worth it, because the temples have a lot of offer, in terms of architecture and peace.

Paintings at Mulkirigala Rock Temples

The walls of the temple have paintings and sculptures which depict the life of Gautam Buddha. Some of the art represents the concept of an afterlife, while some others depict excerpts from Jataka stories, like Vessantara, Telapatta and Shivi.

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