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Hiriketiya Beach, Tangalle Overview

Hiriketiya beach, popularly known as Hiri beach, is near Dickwella town, 20 minutes from Tangalle in Hambantota district, on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Hiriketiya beach is a recently discovered cove, with soft, pale yellow sand along sparkling blue water. The circumference of the bay typically has tall, skinny palm trees. Although away from the main road, this beach is quite a busy one. The waves of the bay are gentle and safe. A rocky mouth guards the bay. Locals and tourists frequently visit it because of its aesthetic serenity and cold weather all around the year. The horseshoe bay looks ravishing during the sunset.

Hiriketiya beach serves as an ideal surfing site. The waves here are high enough for surfing and smooth enough to be considered safe. The winds are not too strong, which makes surfing convenient. The place hustles with surfing beginners and trainers. Apart from surfing, swimming is the next everyday activity for visitors on this beach. 

The bay sees a mostly young crowd. It is popular amongst youngsters for a backpacking trip, and surfers, who intend staying fit and practising the sport. The epic merging of the blue water and yellow sand, green enclosure and the colour changing sky make Hiriketiya beach the gem of Sri Lanka. Hiriketiya has, unsurprisingly, grown from being an offbeat beach to a full-fledged tourist favourite. This small and cosy place is every beach lover’s dream now.

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Surfing in Hiriketiya Beach

Surfers most frequently visit Hiriketiya beach. The high, non-hazardous waves and the very gentle breeze make it an ideal destination for surfing beginners. There are ample of surfing guides on the beach to train beginners. It is by far the best place to learn and practice the sport.

Activities in Hiriketiya Beach

Apart from surfing, Hiriketiya beach is also ideal for sunbathing, napping, reading, listening to music, collecting seashells, chilling, hanging out, and swimming. Most tourists engage in conversations with the locals, who are friendly, approachable and very hospitable. The beach is surrounded by a few yoga centres as well.

The calm, serene, crystal clear water with its small fish makes an idyllic natural swimming pool. Tourists also visit this beach for sunbathing, collecting seashells and engaging in solitary activities like napping, reading, listening to music, etc. Most tourists enjoy engaging in conversations with the locals, who are friendly and hospitable. The bay has a couple of yoga shacks in its vicinity, where tourists can get trained and perform yoga, free of cost.

Food in Hiriketiya Beach

The shacks on Hiriketiya beach offer a wide variety of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages, continental cuisines, delicious juices and delectable desserts. Banana pancakes and pizzas are the most often consumed dishes. The most popular eat outs are Salt, for traditional and continental dishes, and Dots for its party-like ambiance.

Swimming in Hiriketiya Beach

Hiriketiya beach is a bay, which makes it a sheltered and safe place for swimming. The waves are smooth and not rough. The water is calm, pristine and has small, cute fish, which makes swimming an enjoyable activity for locals and tourists.

Geography and Landscape of Hiriketiya Beach

Hiriketiya beach is an enclosed bay, located near Dickwella town, 20 minutes from Tangalle in Hambantota District, Sri Lanka. This beach is on one of the banks of the Indian Ocean. This location is one of the southernmost points of the island country, thus making it the epitome of a tropical environment.

Accommodation in Hiriketiya Beach

All types of accommodation options are available around Hiriketiya beach. These vary from small, cosy homestays to high-end villas. Budget hotels and boutique hotels are also available around the beach. The hotels are often full, so it is recommended to book rooms a month or two in advance.

Hiriketiya offers traveller friendly hostels overlooking the beach. The area also provides small homestays, budget hotels, boutique hotels and high-end villas. 

Tips for Visiting Hiriketiya Beach

It is advised that visitors of Hiriketiya beach should look after their personal belongings. They must not trust strangers with their belongings. They must even beware of thugs, selling cheap, perishable items. One must also be careful of con-men pretending to be surfer trainers and guides.

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