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Initial Construction : 1590

Built by : Akbar

Complete Construction : 18th Century

Completed by : Atta Mohammad Khan

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Hari Parbat, Srinagar Overview

The majestic mountain overlooking the city of Srinagar is called Hari Parbat. Besides the famous Hari Parbat Fort, the mountain also has various Hindu and Muslim shrines and even a Gurudwara here. This park was open to public visitation only In 2014. Today, visitors can set up picnics here. The fort is in turn fortified by mountains and water bodies.

Built during the 1700s, this fort was constructed by Atta Mohammad Khan, the Afghan governor of the time. However, the building of this fort was initially started by the Mughal emperor, Akbar during the late 1500s. But this fortification was left undone halfway through. The fort is currently used by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). It is currently under the maintenance of the Indian Archaeological Survey of India (IASI).

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Attractions in and Around Hari Parbat

Hari Parbat encloses a couple of interesting tourist attractions. They are
  • Hindu temples and shrines. The Sharika temple being the most revered, as it highly significant for the Kashmiri Pandits here. It is enshrined by Goddess Jagadamba Sharika Bhagwati. 
  • Two Islamic holy sites, one dedicated the Kashmiri saint of the 1500s, Hamza Makhdoom. The other is a holy site built along the slopes of the fort, this one was constructed in the name of Shah Badakhshi. He was a renowned Sufi saint of the 1600s. The Hari Parbat hilltop gives the best view of the shrine of Makhdoom Sahib. 
  • The Gurudwara Chatti Patshahi, which is said to have been a brief residence of the sixth Sikh guru, Guru Har Gobind.
  • Hari Parbat also sites the Dal lake in its vicinity. 
  • The Kathi Darwaza, which is the main fort entrance, built in stone and wood.

How to Reach the Hari Parbat

Located just about 5 km from the city centre of Srinagar, the Hari Parbat can be easily accessed with a 15 to 20-minute drive. Travellers could also book local transport such as cabs, matadors and Mazdas. However, private taxis can be quite expensive.

There are a few buses available too. The auto-rickshaws here run without a metre. If travelling by auto, keep a keen lookout for the prices. Visitors could opt to take the stairs to the Shikara Devi Temple here. There are cable cars available for the same as well.

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