How to Reach Son La

Son La is nestled among the mountains, yet it has decent connectivity. Son La has its own international airport. Apart from that, Son La can also be reached by road, either by bus, car or motorbike. A rather unconventional way of travelling to Son La is by boat along the Hoa Minh lake.

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How to reach Son La by flight

Son La has its own international airport and it has a number of flights to Europe and Africa. The most frequent flights are from neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos. The airport is located about half-hour away from the city. You can hail a taxi from the airport or choose to pre-book a taxi through your travel agent.

How to reach Son La by bus

There are frequent buses to Son La from Hanoi, as often as every half-hour costing sabout 145,000 VND. Apart from that there are buses from Ninh Bin (120,000 VND), Moc Chau (55,000 VND), Lao Cai (130,000 VND). The bus station is about 5 km from the city center. The most convenient way to get there is by Xe Om (30,000 VND). You can also use the public bus.

How to reach Son La by Waterways

A boat ride from Hanoi to Son La along Hoa Minh lake is the perfect romantic getaway for lovers. However, for it is a little heavy on the pocket and tedious and not economical for travellers who want to save time.

Local transport in Son La

Son La is a fairly small town and getting around is quite easy. You canchoose to walk short distances or hire a Xe Om.

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Son La, Vietnam

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