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Ideal duration: 2-3 days

Best Time: September - November Read More

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What is the best time to visit Shravasti?

September to November is the best time to visit Shravasti. Located in the northern parts of the country, it experiences a humid summer, when the temperatures peak and rather chilly winter, where the temperatures drop to about 2 degrees celsius. A tropical monsoon climate at Shravasti comes bearing a new and pleasant post-monsoon period, making the months of October and November the best time to pay a visit here. Spring, February to April is another conducive time to visit the city when the streets aren't yet blazing with summer heat, and the pleasant spring wind continues to blow.

Weather in Shravasti


Upcoming Shravasti Weather

Monthly Weather in Shravasti

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 20°/ 10° 4 days
February 25°/ 10° 4 days
March 30°/ 15° 5 days
April 36°/ 20° 4 days
May 42°/ 24° 1 days
June 40°/ 27° 10 days
July 33°/ 25° 24 days
August 33°/ 25° 22 days
September 30°/ 24° 17 days
October 32°/ 20° 2 days
November 30°/ 16° 0 days
December 23°/ 9° 1 days

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