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Rinca Island Tourism

The only natural habitat of the gigantic Komodo Dragons, Rinca Island is located in the eastern Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia. It is one of the three major islands of the Komodo National Park along with Komodo island and Padar island and holds the UNESCO World Heritage status since 1991. It is often overlooked by tourists who primarily visit the other two islands but the lack of tourists on the island makes it an even better spot to catch Komodo Dragons living in their natural space.

The Island also offers some of the best dive sites. There are three trekking trails on the island ranging from a quick half an hour jaunt to 2 hour-long treks. Rinca Island is the perfect island for spotting Komodo Dragons without the disturbance from a massive tourist crowd. Usually, trips to Rinca Island are organized from Labuan Bajo which also has a number of hotels suiting all budgetary needs.

Loh Buaya makes the entrance of the island. It is otherwise known as crocodile bay. Every tourist who wants to take a tour of the island has to buy tickets at the office of Loh Buaya. From here you can hire a ranger who would guide your tour across the island. These tours cannot be done without an experienced ranger as Komodo Dragons can grow up to ten feet long and weigh about three hundred pounds, they are venomous and have been known to have caused several fatalities.

The island surface consists of limestone hills with wild savanna outgrowth where the Komodo dragons love to stay in. There are other species of animals living on the island like water buffalo, monkeys, forest pigs, deer, etc.

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Important Information

  • Do not stray too far away from your guide or ranger while spotting Komodo Dragons.
  • Make sure you respect their natural habitat and do not make loud noises and gestures which might set off these gigantic lizards.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen as it is very hot and dry.
  • Carry loads of water. Avoid carrying snacks.
  • Travel in a small group for better chances of spotting the dragons.
  • Don’t lose the entrance ticket as this ticket is valid for visiting other islands in the national park as well.

Tickets and Timings

Tickets and timings
  • Entry fee for Foreigners: Rp 150,000 (Monday to Saturday), Rp 225,000 (Sundays and national holidays).
  • Entry fee for Indonesians: Rp 5,000 (Monday to Saturday), Rp 7500 (Sundays and national holidays).
  • Additional Diving fee: Rp 25,000 Additional snorkeling fee: Rp 15,000 Ranger fee: Rp 80,000 The entry charges are valid for the entire national park for one day.

Activities to Do

Spot Komodo Dragons
Spotting Komodo Dragons is the main purpose of visiting Rinca Island. The island is the natural habitat for these lizards and they can be found lazing around the island. It is often considered to be a better spot for the purpose than Komodo Island and Padar Island as it does not have much impact from tourists.

Trekking is a popular activity on the island. These treks are guided by rangers as there are Komodo Dragons lurking around the island. There are three popular trails to choose from. One is a 30-minute easy trek along a shaded path; second one is a 1-hour medium level trek around dragon nests and exposed Savannah; third one is a difficult one of 2 hours covering dragons, permanent waterholes, steep and exposed slopes with spectacular views.

Offering one of the best diving sites in the world, Rinca Island is popular for scuba diving and snorkeling. The seas around the island are subjected to strong currents and whirlpools.


For people with an extra inclination towards adventure, there are basic rooms provided near the camp office on the island. Staying here would definitely help expand the adventure you’re seeking to have. The rooms are basic in nature. They are not that easy to book before-hand. The only option to get some food is from the basic café nearby the park office. Majority of the tourists stay in Labuan Bajo and visit these islands as a part of their day trips.

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Rinca Island
Rinca Island - One of the 3 Large Islands in Komodo NP
Rinca Island - Natural Habitat of Komodo Dragons
Hiking Trails in Rinca Islands

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FAQs on Rinca Island

What is the best time to visit Rinca island?

Although Komodo Dragons can be spotted all year long, the best time to visit Rinca Island is from April to November. During this time the weather is pleasant with little or no rain.
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What is the best way to reach Rinca island?

The Rinca Island can be accessed from Bima on the island of Sumbawa or Labuan Bajo on the western tip of Flores, Indonesia. Flights are available to both Sumbawa Island and Labuan Bajo from Bali. From Labuan Bajo, a speedboat or a ferry can be taken to Rinca. Diving tours from Labuan Bajo are usually done by taking a liveaboard across the surrounding seas.
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What are the places near Rinca island?

The top places near to Rinca island are Singapore which is 30 km from Rinca island, Batam which is located 15 km from Rinca island, Bintan which is located 58 km from Rinca island, Bali which is located 1625 km from Rinca island, Jakarta which is located 871 km from Rinca island

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