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Jatmai Temple, Raipur Overview

Located in Gariaband, about 85 km from the city of Raipur, Jatmai temple is situated amidst lush greenery. The temple, devoted to Mata Jatmai is constructed with granite and has beautiful murals at its entrance. The holy place is lit up and decorated with great enthusiasm during the festivals of Navratri. It is a place which has such peaceful vibes and positivity.

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Darshan Timings at Jatmai Temple

Aarti Timings - 5:30 AM and 6:30 PM
Pooja Timings - 5:00 AM, 12 noon and 7:00 PM
It is to be noted that the timings are subject to change on special occasions.

History and Religious Importance

Jatmai Temple in Raipur is one of the very few temples dedicated to Goddess Jatmai in India. Also called as Jatmai Ghatarani, it is the temple of religious significance, and the goddess is believed to be very powerful. The Shivalinga within the temple premises has a fascinating and mythological story behind it.

It is believed that the fishermen of the city wanted to take the Shivalinga with them. They began digging deep to pull the idol out, but the Shivalinga kept going in deeper into the hole. Eventually, they gave up trying to move the idol. The temple is highly spoken of by the locals for its sacredness and divinity.

Rituals at the Temple

Aarti and Darshan are performed on a regular basis by the temple priests and the mantras are chanted with immense devotion and dedication. Archana is done as per the request of the devotees. More especially during Navratri, the temple is brightly decorated and the goddess is worshipped by hundreds of devotees.

Architecture of Jatmai Temple

The holy temple is located amidst a forest. The architecture of the temple is astounding with one massive tower and many smaller ones featuring as its Shikhara. The temple is carved in granite, giving it an elegant and impressive appearance. Many beautiful mythological murals can be spotted in the entrance of the temple. Led by a flight of stairs, the idol of Mata Jatmai is located in a sanctum within the temple premises.

On the way up the pathway, there is a beautiful Shivalinga in another small sannithi. On one side of the hill, water flows down the huge rocky hill which gets collected in a reservoir. On the other side of the temple, dense trees give a sight of fresh greenery. One can click pictures of this beautiful place as there is no restriction for photography.

Places to visit nearby

Another holy place located very close to the temple is the Hanuman statue. Just a few metres ahead of the temple is a huge statue of Lord Hanuman which is over 150 feet tall. Also, it is impossible to miss out the Ghatarani waterfalls which is located just 7.4 kilometers from the temple.

The crystal clear water pouring from a great height is a mesmerising sight. Another major place of visit is the Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. It is quite outlying from the temple at a distance of 60 kilometers but the place is a major attraction in the locality. With diverse flora and fauna, it is a beautiful place of visit which would one engaged with its scenic beauty.

How To Reach Jatmai Temple

The temple is quite remote from central Raipur at a distance of 87 kilometres. Local buses, trains and autos are available to reach till the entry of the forest. However, it is more recommended to arrange a private vehicle to travel with much more ease and comfort. In either case, some amount of walking has to be done after a certain point. The closest railway station is in Raipur at a distance of 85 kilometres from the temple and the nearest airport is also in Raipur at 77 kilometres from the temple. Some places of visit that lie in the forest have to be travelled on foot but the walk is not very tedious. Other places that are farther away can be travelled by local transportations or by private vehicles.

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