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Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh, is a major industrial centre that is popular for its steel markets. It is a widespread belief that there is nothing much to do and see in this city. Hence Raipur does not have a reputation of being a hot tourist destination. But the fact is, this region is an unexplored gem that is blessed with a rich culture and heritage. As the city has been ruled by the British as well as the kings, it also has a historical significance. From monuments to religious attractions, food and shopping, Raipur leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

The charming city has its flavour and story to tell through the ancient buildings, rituals and customs. If you want to embrace the charm of Raipur from a different perspective, consider taking a city walk and get an experience like never before. Interestingly, the guided walk will bind you to the rich history, local heritage and culture. Through these guided tours you get to soak up the essence of the region. Here is a rundown of the walking tours of Raipur that will allow you to explore the British legacy.

1. Let Us Go

Let Us Go, Heritage Walk Raipur
Let Us Go - Heritage Walk 

This city walking tour with Let Us Go will last around two hours. The walk will take you back to the colonial era and cover key attractions like Babar Bungalow, St. Paul’s Church and Freemason’s Lodge. You will be escorted by a professional guide who will let you immerse in the British legacy. This tour is ideal for visitors with a tight schedule. So, even if you are visiting Raipur for work, you can take some time out and witness these interesting places. And you also get to know the secrets of Raipur free of charge.

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2. India Heritage Walks

India Heritage Walks, Walking Tours of Raipur

Experience the elegance and grandeur of Raipur through this guided walking tour organised by Indian Heritage Walks. The tour usually starts in the morning and lasts around three hours. The walk will allow you to witness the iconic Kaiser-i-Hind door that was constructed in honour of the great Queen Victoria. Other prominent attractions that are included in this heritage walk are Stambh Chowk, Jawahar Market, Art Gallery and Ghadi Chowk. The tour is suitable for tourists as well as locals who have a taste for history and culture. And the best part, it is a free guided tour.

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The guided city walk will not only transport you to the British era but will also give an insight into the architectural heritage of Raipur. The tours are free and invite everyone from all walks of life.

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