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Vetal Hill, Pune Overview

Vetal Tekdi is one of Pune's most well-known landmarks. It envelops the entire city and is a stunning place to spend an evening or an early morning. It is known by various names such as Hanuman Tekdi, MIT Tekdi, and Pashan Tekdi.

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 How to Reach

Although it is highly recommended that you take the scenic hike to the hillock, it can also be reached by road through a road that will take you near the premises of the aforementioned ARAI. However, access to this road is restricted to 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM as it is mostly used for the activities of the institute itself. From the parking, it is a small walk to the top.
A considerable part of the hill falls under the purview of the defence sector,  and cannot be accessed by the general public. However, since these are usually cordoned off or fenced, one need not worry about overstepping the boundaries.

The hill can be reached on foot by climbing from the Kothrud side of it near the famous MIT college. One can also attempt the climb from the Pashan side or the Chatushrungi Temple side.

Best Time to Visit

Although the hill is open throughout the year and at all times of the day, it would be well advised to avoid it post dark for safety. The best time to visit this natural attraction is during the early hours of the morning when the air is crisp and melodious with the sounds of a wide variety of birds. The evening sees a beautiful air of calm descend upon the hill and one can see a glorious sunset. On clear days, thanks to its elevation and sheer scale, one can almost see the entire city of Pune glittering down below.
Vetal Hill Temple
Temple on Vetal Hill

March - May: Months of summer are best avoided as the vegetation mostly dries up and the landscape becomes largely arid and dry and it gets hot as soon as the sun starts rising over the horizon. However, the effort is well worth it if taken in the morning.


Rainy Landscape at Vetal Hill

June - September:
The landscape of the hill is one worth beholding due to the refreshing monsoons and new growth in vegetation. During these months, peacock sightings are fairly common and you can spot quite a few in their natural habitat. However, it does get foggy and slippery during this time thus, good quality trekking shoes are highly recommended.


Refreshing Vetal Hill

October - February: Arguably, this is the best time to visit as nature is still decked up in all its colours and the air throughout the day is brisk and clear. Nevertheless, do avoid very early mornings in this weather as the mist and fog are likely to impair visibility. Nevertheless, a thick sweater or a jacket are enough to keep you warm and cosy in this weather!

Vetal Hill: An refreshing getaway in Pune

Vetal Hill Greenery

Greenery on Vetal Tekdi


Referred to in the local language as ‘Tekdi’, Vetal Hill is among the city’s most well-known and recognized attractions. It is a hillock that surrounds the city across a distance of almost 11 km and is its highest elevation standing at 2,600ft.

Bordered by the Senapati Bapat Road on one end and the Pashan suburb on the other, it acts as the lungs of the city and is often frequented by trekkers and fitness enthusiasts that come here for a refreshing morning or evening run.

It houses the headquarters of the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and has a mostly dry deciduous type of vegetation. A number of bird species that are native to the region also call it home. In fact, it is not unusual to spot a peacock or two lingering on the premises early in the morning.

Things to Do

Vetal Hill is possibly one the most gorgeous getaways within Pune One that is easily accessible and is developed enough to travel to without the worry of essentials. Just wear comfortable footwear and get going!

It is a fantastic place for birding enthusiasts as, die to the foliage, a number of our avian friends have made it their rightful home. One can spot Minivets, Munias, swiftlets, peacocks and many other species of birds here.

If you plan to take the scenic route, trekking to Vetal Hill is highly recommended as it is a relatively easy climb that can be accomplished with minimum effort. One should easily be able to complete the hike in about 45 minutes to 1 hour even without previous trekking experience.

The hillock is also a great place to take a brisk jog as the air is refreshing and the vegetation provides a welcome respite from the humdrum of city life. The temple area at the top is also frequented by a number of Yoga enthusiasts who take advantage of the calm and fresh atmosphere to indulge in some wellness practices.

Vetal Hill is a definite ‘yes’ on our list of places to visit in Pune! Whether you are in the city for a short business trip, on a stopover from a leisurely vacation, or as a tourist seeking to explore; you must definitely set aside some time to explore this wonderful natural attraction in the city.

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