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Yanam Beach, Pondicherry Overview

Situated in the town of Yanam, the Yanam Beach is an excellent getaway for those looking to spend quiet time away from the crowds. The vast expanse of the waters beckons tranquil boat rides, as well as a walk along the Ferry Road, can be both exciting and calming. Yanam Beach also called the Rajiv Gandhi Beach, is one of the most famous attractions of the town. One can sit back on cement chairs enjoying the quiet views of the beach side or enjoy a perfect picnic with family on a pleasant day.

Yanam, a 30 enclave town, is located in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The state government of Puducherry has administrations rights of the city which is soaked in a beautiful mixture of French and Telugu cultures. It was not until 1954 almost after 200 years of French colonial rule that Yanam was united with India. Thus, the French influences on cuisine, architecture and culture are seen significantly. Yanam is situated in the delta region of the Godavari River where the Godavari meets its tributary the Coringa River before flowing for another 9 km and entering the Bay of Bengal.

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Things to do at the Yanam Beach

  • The Yanam Beach is famous for boating or just lazing on its sands watching the sunset, or its pristine waters are every bit worth it too. The boating packages are plenty, such as a ride over the Godavari, cruise to a few islands, visiting the Sangam where the river meets the sea or a ride to the mangrove forest on the Gowthami Godavari River. There are also houseboat services that begin from Rajiv Gandhi Arch Road near the Shiva Linga.
  • The full-day cruises take one to the meeting point of the tributaries as well as where the river meets the Bay of Bengal. The coconut trees and fishing huts add to the already picturesque sights of the cruise. The Yanam Ferry Road inaugurated in 2000 is a walking trail along the beach with elephant statues guarding the Shiva Linga from the entrance to the pathway. The Nagoor Meera Sahib Mandir on the Ferry road is built on the design of a ship.
  • While visiting the Yanam Beach, one can also visit the other attractions of the town. The Palais de Justice the French courthouse and St. Ann’s Catholic Church are around 1 km away from the beach. The Sivalayam on the banks of the Corangi River is 3 km away from the beach and is a religious hub. 
  • The Venkanna Babu Temple in Yanam is an important religious landmark of the town and is where the Venkanna Festival is held in March every year attracting many devotees from across the country. Other festivals celebrated in Yanam include the Kalyanotsavam Festival in February-March at the Sivalayam where processions on the streets with chariots are held. The Catholic Festival in March and Brahmotsavam in September-October are other religious festivals held in Yanam.
  • The Fete de Pondicherry is a three-day cultural event conducted by the government of Pondicherry. The Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is 21 km away from Yanam Beach and a great spot for bird lovers. The sanctuary shelters more than 120 bird species and endangered species, such as the long-billed vulture and the white-backed vulture are found here.

Best Time to Visit the Beach

The best time to visit Yanam is during the winter months when the temperatures are moderate and rainfall minimal. October to February the temperatures reach a maximum of 27 degrees and a minimum of 15 degrees making it a pleasant time to cruise along the river or relax at the beach. During the summer months from March to May, the temperatures reach 42 degrees with minimum temperatures touching 30 degrees. During the monsoons on the other hand, from June to September the temperatures hover around 32 degrees with moderate rainfall. The climate of Yanam consists of high humidity and hence the winter months are the best time to visit the town.

How To Reach Yanam Beach

By rail, the nearest station is Kakinada 26km away, and by air, Visakhapatnam is the closest town 183km away. It takes not more than an hour to drive from Kakinada to Yanam.

Yanam by road is most accessible from Chennai and Coimbatore. NH 16 connects Yanam to Chennai 147km away and also to Coimbatore. The town is also connected by road to Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam and Bangalore. Auto rickshaws are available for commuting within the town if you are not traveling in a private or hired cab.

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