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Address : Mahé, Puducherry 673310, India

Timings : 24 hours

How to reach : The beach can be reached in approximately 35-40 minutes via car/cab (fares vary) from Kannur since it is about 22km from the city.

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Mahe Beach, Pondicherry Overview

Located close to Kannur, Mahe Beach in Pondicherry is a quiet and clean beach that also forms Kerala's northern coast. Lined with tall palm trees, the beach is a must-visit during the early hours of the morning to witness the gorgeous sunrise while walking on the white sand along the blue waters. Not only is it ideal for swimming but also for beach sports like volleyball; for those looking to relax, the view of the sunset here is absolutely spectacular. There are restaurants around that serve delicious food and shops that sell souvenirs.

Mahe Beach Highlights

1. Fisherman villages

There are several villages of fisherman around the beach due to which there are always numerous colourful boats around; visitors can often interact with them.

2. Activities for children

Besides running around on the sand or making sandcastles, children can spend time finding and collecting beautiful seashells and shingles.

3. Dharmadam Island

Given that it is a serene place, it is ideal for watching the sunrise or sunset. Visitors can also hire a boat to go visit the nearby Dharmadam Island.

4. Relaxing activities

Those who don’t wish to take a dip in the water can simply lie down on a beach towel nearby and enjoy the cool breeze and spectacular views.

5. Souvenir shop

A souvenir shop on site sells items like scented candles, handmade paper, pottery, local jams and pickles, leather handicrafts etc.

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