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Food of Pompeii

The local cuisine in and around Naples concentrates on pasta, vegetables available all year round (sun dried tomatoes, zucchini, egg-plant), freshly baked food such as bread and pizza, seafood and rice. Termed as the Neapolitan cuisine, it is also very famous for various varieties of cheese, including cheese from sheep's milk. The margherita pizza was supposedly born near Naples.

Food for Indians in Pompeii

As far as Indian foods go, there are not many options in Pompeii. However vegetarian and vegan food is easily available in the city. Machiavelli restaurant e lounge is vegetarian friendly, and also has gluten free options. It is to be noted that most restaurants will have the vegetarian or margherita pizza option which is vegetarian and will also serve the vegetarian/plain cheese pasta. A vegetarian dish to try while in Pompeii is the Parmigiana di Melenzane.

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Pompeii, Italy

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