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At an elevation of 3210 metres above sea level, Ghorepani Hill is the most preferred trekking trail in Nepal. Hundreds of adventurers visit to experience the thrill of traversing the magnanimous hill. Also known as Nepal's Classic Himalaya Trek, it has been an important attraction for nature lovers. These treks are a little elaborate and last for a little over a week. They begin at Pokhara and pass through the Ghorepani, and some even continue to the Poon Hill.

The trail consists of the ancient Trans-Himalayan salt trade route and runs through regions of paddy fields, forests, gorges and waterfalls. On a clear sunny day, the bright blue skies and the white cotton-like clouds are a treat to watch above the snow-laden mountain peaks. The local shepherds get their sheep to graze on the hill slopes every day, and there is a high chance that trekkers meet herds of sheep while passing by.

Ghorepani Hill

The rhododendron forests, the stone passages and stairs add to the level of difficulty but also make the activity more exciting. As one climbs through the region, they would notice they are actually trekking through the villages located on the hill slopes. If a break is required, feel free to stop by at one of these villages and interact with the lovely people before enjoying the mind-stirring view from the top of the Ghorepani Hill.

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