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Nestled among the Himalayas, Pokhara is Nepal's largest city in terms of size. A pristine mountain paradise, Pokhara is the starting point for treks in the Annapurna Circuit. Unlike other metropolises around the world with fast paced life, this is somewhere anyone can rejuvenate themselves. With breathtaking views that leave one's mouth wide open in awe, the city is every traveler's paradise. With plenty of accommodation choices and food options galore, Pokhara has everything a traveler would need or want. Whether you returned from a trek conquering the peaks of the world's tallest mountains or just had a bumpy ride, there's something in Pokhara that will make you feel energized and at home.

Home to many lakes, the city is like a mirror to the Himalayan mountains and alpine beauty. With beautiful lakes whose pictures can make your instagram feed comparable to the likes of a travel photographer, these are the most popular lakes to check out!

Pokhara, Lakes of Pokhara
Aerial view of Pokhara (Source)

Phewa Lake

Phewa lake or as the locals know it, Phewa Tal is Nepal's second largest lake. Often the center of focus for a trip to Pokhara, the beauty of the lake is astounding. On a clear and good day, one can find the reflections of the snow capped peaks of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges on its surface. While one of its sides known as Lakeside is targeted towards tourists and has many attractions to offer to a traveler, the southwestern side has dense forests and is abuzz with wildlife! Definitely, a place a nature lover or someone seeking tranquility and serenity should pay a visit too!

One can hire a brightly painted boat known as doongas locally, to go to the center of the lake or walk around the lake and trek up till the World Peace Pagoda which offers mesmerizing views of the mountains and the area around it!

Located in the center of the lake is an island which has a temple. Known as Tal Barahi, the temple is one of the most sacred and religious places of Pokhara. It is a shrine to the Hindu deity Vishnu.

Whether you're going to seek the blessings of Lord Vishnu, enjoy the lakeside Pokhara or admire the hills and transfixing beauty of the area, Phewa lake is the place to be!

Phewa Lake, Lakes of Pokhara

Begnas Lake

The third largest lake in Nepal, Begnas Lake is located in the south-eastern part of the Pokhara Valley. Begnas is a freshwater lake which along with Rupa Tal forms twin lakes of which, the Begnas is the larger twin. In comparison to the other lakes of the region, this mesmerizing lake isn't thronged by tourists and is rarely overcrowded. This results in it being much cleaner, peaceful and serene in comparison to other lakes in the region. The northern side of the lake has swamps and villages. Lately, there have been a lot of terraced fields coming up on this side of the lake.

The Begnas market has the village people selling homemade trinkets, items and produce alongside restaurants and other shops, populated by tourists and locals alike. The Begnas lake is also famous for its caged fisheries. Fish lovers are in for a delight!

A ridge between the Rupa lake and the Begnas lake offers splendid views of the magnificent Himalayan Mountains, with snow-dusted peaks standing in all their grandeur. The dazzling views of the lake and mountains are splendid. One can also go paddling in a boat in the lake from one side to another, early mornings being the best times to do so.

Budget accommodation and homestays can be found in the villages making for a great way to experience the place rather than staying in the touristy area. Don't forget your camera or phone to take pictures that will give people major wanderlust!

Begnas Lake, Lakes of Pokhara

Rupa Tal

Nestled among mountains, Rupa lake is the smaller twin or counterpart of the Begnas Lake. Situated approximately around 10 kms away from the city of Pokhara, Rupa lake is also a freshwater lake. Although close to the city of Pokhara, the lake doesn't receive too many visitors and therefore isn't overcrowded and dirty. Its pristine and serene atmosphere along with the astounding views of the mountains and nature around makes for a great trip! The lake is home to around 36 waterbird species apart from a range of flora and fauna. Definitely a great place for bird watchers or nature enthusiasts!

Rupa Lake, Lakes of Pokhara

Tilicho Lake

Situated high in the Annapurna Mountain Range, this lake is literally in the lap of the Himalayan Mountains. Located at the height of around 4919 meters, the lake is located in the Manang district, which is around 55 kilometers away from the city of Pokhara. Amidst snow-covered peaks, it is often deemed the biggest lake of its size at an altitude that high. The destination for many popular trekking trails, Tilicho Lake has cold, clear azure waters contrasted with the mountains that surround it. Definitely, something that your camera will love!

Tilicho Lake was the site of the highest altitude scuba dive done by a team of Russian divers. It has no recorded aquatic species as per the records of the Nepali Hydrology and Meteorology Department.

One can stay in one of the many of the lodges on the trail between Manang and the lake - it is often frozen over in the months of winter. The beauty and serenity of this lake amidst the majestic mountains would leave one spellbound.

Tilicho Lake, Lakes of Pokhara

Although these are the popular lakes, there are other lakes like Neurani Lake, Gude or Gunde Lake and Maidi Lake in the Pokhara valley area. With natural beauty that'll leave your mouth open and jaw hanging, Pokhara's lakes are clean, beautiful and make for a great trip! With a combination of nature, convenience, serenity, adventure, and beauty, there isn't any reason why one shouldn't visit Pokhara.

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