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Phi Phi Islands

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"Island Paradise for the Beach Lover"

Phi Phi Islands Tourism

Phi Phi consists of a group of six islands. Only 40 km away from Phuket, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh are the two most famous islands of the six. With their pristine waters and vibrant parties, these islands are a wonderful way to spend a few days in Thailand.

Phi Phi is an island group which is famous for backpackers and travellers who wish to enjoy beach life in a relaxed manner. A party lover's haven, Phi Phi may not have the traditional Thai feel to its ambience which other places in Thailand do. The two major villages are Laem Thong and Ko Phi Phi. Although badly hit by the 2004 tsunami, Phi Phi islands have come back full-force in terms of touristic revenue and local lifestyle up-gradations.

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More on Phi Phi Islands

History of Phi Phi Islands

The islands were called Pulau Api-Api, meaning the fiery isle, due to the fiery tree or the grey mangrove found across the island. The name caught on, and over time, became Phi Phi. The islands have always been on the radar for local Thai tourists. In recent times, a lot of attention is being garnered from foreign tourists as well, especially after its quick resurrection post the 2004 tsunami.

Nightlife in Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi has a great nightlife, and some of the most popular bars on the scene are the Phi Phi Reggae Bar, the Sunflower Beach Bar & Restaurant and Carlito's Beach Bar and Nightclub. Night parties last till 2 in the morning after which the loud music stops but bars remain open till wee hours in the morning.

Shopping in Phi Phi Islands

Since Phi Phi is a small place, there are no malls or organised shops. Small stores rule the roost and flea markets are where you will get most of your shopping done unless your resort has an in-house shopping arena.

Religion of Phi Phi Islands

A majority of the population in Phi Phi follows Islam, which is the major religion here. Buddhism is the second most popular religion.

Phi Phi Islands Customs

Thailand is a country of polite people who operate in smiles. Be sure to greet people not with a handshake but a traditional Thai folding of the hands. Phi Phi is a relaxed place, and you can wear almost anything you like on the beach but do cover up when on a motorboat, not because of customs but because you'll get sunburnt!

Language of Phi Phi Islands

Thai is the language spoken in Phi Phi Islands. Since it is a tourist place, English may be spoken in most hotels and restaurants. However, small vendors only have a rudimentary knowledge of it. Be ready with a dictionary just in case!

Restaurants and Local Food in Phi Phi Islands

The food in Phi Phi is not spicy like some other places in Thailand. However, if you wish to avoid spicy food altogether, learning how to say 'mai phet', meaning non-spicy, can be helpful. Fresh seafood is always on the chef's menu at Phi Phi and the catch of the day is mostly highlighted at small stalls and roadside eateries too.

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How To Reach Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi doesn't have an airport. Since it is a group of islands the standard way is to reach by ferry which will take approximately two hours from Phuket and one and a half hours from Krabi.

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Taniya Batra 11 months ago
The phi- phi islands in Thailand live up to all the hype. The islands are ideal for travellers looking for a vacation spent relaxing on beaches or in the water. While visiting these islands the speedboat excursions are not something to lose out. The excursion lasts an entire day but makes it worth your time. This includes visiting nearby coves and islands and many optional water activities such as parasailing, snorkelling etc. It is imperative to note that the speedboat excursion is not suitable for those who get seasick easily as the waters can get quite wild. Another option to the boat is, therefore, a cruise, which is comparatively slower and more time-consuming.
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