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Located in George Town, the Street of Harmony is one of the oldest streets in Penang, representing the confluence of different cultures. The street houses four different places of worship - a church (St. George’s Church), a Taoist temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple), a Hindu Temple (Sri Mariamman Temple) and a mosque (Kapitan Keling Mosque).

Street of Harmony is one of the oldest streets in Penang and was named after the president of Great Britain, William Pitt the Younger in 1786. It started to take shape when people from different origins came to Penang to seek shelter during a war and eventually settled there and preserved their cultural identity. At the street, one can also find a display of art which depicts the lifestyle of inhabitants of Pitt during the colonial era.

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Attractions at Harmony Street

St. George Church: The Street of Harmony begins with the St. George Church which was built by the British East India Company in 1819 and is one among the oldest buildings in Penang. There is a memorial outside the Church in the remembrance of Sir Francis Light. The church showcases Greek architecture.

St. George Church, Penang
St George's Church (Source)
Goddess of Mercy Temple: The temple was initially built in honour of the sea goddess and survived two wars. With the growing population of Cantonese and Hokkien clan, Goddess Mazu was replaced by the Goddess of Mercy Guanyin. A lot of people come to the temple during the Chinese New Year to seek blessings of Kuan Yin Ma for a prosperous and healthy year ahead.

Goddess of Mercy Temple, Street of Harmony Penang
Goddess of Mercy Temple (Source)
Sri Maha Mariamman Temple: Migrated from South India and built in the traditional South Indian Dravidian style, it is the oldest Hindu temple in Penang. The temple has been richly built with precious stones and diamonds present in its façade.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Street of Harmony Georgetown
The grand Sri Maha Mariamman Temple (Source)
Kapitan Keling Mosque: Built by the Indian Muslims, the mosque presents a mixture of traditional Moorish arches and the colonial architecture. Inside the mosque is a crystal chandelier and some amazing calligraphy panels.

Kapitan Keling Mosque, Street of Harmony Penang
Masjid Kapitan Keling (Source)

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