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Clan Jetties, Georgetown Penang Overview

The Clan Jetties of Penang is a traditional overwater settlement that has been created by Chinese immigrants who came to Malaysia. The six villages house distinct Chinese clans, the Chew Jetty being the most tourist-friendly and famous.

Also known as floating villages, the clan jetties showcase the harmony of two different lifestyles and cultures. They are characterized by their old traditions and are built using a special type of wood which allows them to stay near seawater. Each clan has its own temple, and in accordance with this, there are six temples for the six clan jetties.
It has a unique style of architecture and the long walkway which is made of wood. It also has a temple and is well known among visitors.

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Historical Significance

Chinese immigrants came to Malaysia in the 19th century and built their own clan to increase their chances of survival in a foreign country. There used to be seven clan jetties. However, due to a fire incident, only six clan jetties remain. The jetties have been through several changes throughout their history and have constantly been made more tourist friendly in recent times.

Initially, most of the inhabitants of this village lived on fishing as a medium of income, however, for the past decade; they have started doing other jobs in the city as well. The villages have received several threats of demolition by the government and have been asked to relocate their village several times. However, the Clan Jetties of Penang have stood firm in times of trouble and are now part of the World Heritage of Georgetown.

Best Time to Visit

Visitors are recommended to visit the Clan Jetties during the Chinese New Year, especially the 8th and 9th night of the Chinese New Year, as the place is buzzing with all kinds of activities and celebrations.

The best time to visit the clan jetties is to before 7:00 AM since tourists can see the inhabitants before their early morning rituals and prayers. Moreover, there are fewer tourists at this time of the day which allows for a more peaceful experience.

How to Reach Clan Jetties of Penang

The Clan Jetties is situated on the outskirts in China Town and is 10 minutes walk from Komtar.

Visitors can also make use of the rickshaw or a taxi to come to Clan Jetties.

Tourists can also make use of the RapidPG bus ride from Georgetown, bus numbers 307 and 401E will drop off visitors near Clan Jetties.

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